We thought it would be helpful to gather the most often asked gardening questions from our customers. Here you can expect information on, for example, how to plant root ball plants and what to plant when.

We hope to add to this often with the aim of providing a useful resource for UK gardeners.

How To Create A Dog Friendly Garden

Whether you’re a long-term dog owner or you’ve recently welcomed a curious young puppy, you'll want to create a dog friendly garden. We all recognise a safe outdoor space to entertain them is important.  But what if you’re green fingered and love your plants – can the garden suit you [...]

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How to Plant Root Ball Plants: Advice from a Professional Nurseryman

As garden experts, we are very often asked how to plant root ball plants properly. So, here are the steps that a professional nurseryman would take to ensure the most successful rate of establishment for root balls and bare root plants. And in our short video, you can watch our [...]

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Full Standards & Half Standards – Horticultural Tree Forms Explained

Ever wondered what exactly full standards refer to when choosing trees for your garden? Well, you have come to the right place! The form of the tree you purchase is an important consideration when deciding on which specimen to choose. https://youtu.be/pZ2y-h54av8     Full Standards – a walkway lined [...]

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Do You Deliver Plants and Shrubs to Scotland? Yes!

We're delighted to announce that yes we deliver all of our Standard Sized plants, shrubs and trees to Scotland and the Scottish Highlands! We listened to our customers and their overwhelming demand for our amazing range of plants to be delivered to postcodes further afield. We are pleased to announce [...]

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What is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs?

Autumn and winter are the seasons when most professional landscapers will plant. Why do professional landscapers plant in the coldest months of the year? During the coldest months of the year it is generally the easiest time to dig the ground. Trees and shrubs planted in the colder months of the [...]

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