What To Plant Now

What To Plant Now – Autumn has arrived early at Paramount Plants

Let’s face it – July and August have been rather a wash-out this year in the UK, with cloudy, rainy days for about a month now. For gardens, however, this is fabulous weather and here at Paramount Plants we are advising everyone thinking of planting larger specimen plants, to take advantage of this early Autumn-like weather and start planting trees and shrubs straight away. Our ‘what to plant now’ suggestions below, reflect a fraction of the plants available at our London plant centre, if you have questions please remember our expert team is here to help. Read more What To Plant Now

What is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs?

Autumn and winter are the seasons when most professional landscapers will plant.

Why do professional landscapers plant in the coldest months of the year?

  • During the coldest months of the year it is generally the easiest time to dig the ground.
  • Trees and shrubs planted in the colder months of the year are dormant (asleep) and so will require minimal maintenance (e.g minimal watering / pruning – unless of course we have a sudden winter heatwave!)
  • In the coldest months of the year, you can purchase root-balled plants. These are tree and shrubs which are lifted straight from the ground and available to purchase without pots. These rootballed plants have a solid soil ball at the base and this is prepared ready for planting fairly soon after delivery.
  • Root balled trees and shrubs are often a more cost effective option than plants which are containerised but can only be purchased when the weather is cold. This is because once weather warms up the rootball dries out too quickly unless planted in ground.  Typical examples of plants sold as rootballs are hedging plants as customers tend to plant hedging in large quantities. Cherry Laurels, Yews, Holly and Thuja are all examples of plants frequently sold as rootballed hedging.
    bay trees rootballed
    An example of mature Bay Trees rootballed, and ready for planting as hedging


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