Front Garden Ideas And Why Front Gardens Matter

Our front gardens are neglected. We don’t tend to spend time out there because it’s often a tiny space filled with the car, or it’s too near a road for comfort. Despite these shortcomings, front gardens can be turned into attractive spaces and used to your advantage. Read on to [...]

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Best Plants for a Dry Garden

  What should you do if you want your dry garden to look stunning throughout the year? If you believe that the only solution is to water it daily and abundantly, or focus all of your energy on trying to (unsuccessfully) improve the conditions, you will be happy to hear [...]

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Top Tips – How To Sell Your House – Improve your garden

Garden Improvements for House Sellers Are you thinking about selling your house and considering what needs a ‘sprucing up’ to impress potential buyers? Well make sure that you don’t overlook another important ‘room’ in your home – your garden. […]

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Plants for Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary Gardens – The Porsche Gardens by Flemons & Warland (cloud trees supplied by Paramount Plants) We’re pretty sure you don’t need us to tell you that modern life is stressful. We live in a fast-paced world, where everybody wants something and they want it now! With this [...]

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Autumn Planting – This is the best time of year for planting

Why is Autumn the best time of the entire year for Planting Trees & Shrubs? Tree Ferns | Wollemi Pine Trees Trees and Shrubs which have been containerised (ie plants supplied in pots rather than rootballed/barerooted) can be planted at any time of the year provided that the [...]

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