4 12, 2018

Best Plants for a Dry Garden

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  What should you do if you want your dry garden to look stunning throughout the year? If you believe that the only solution is to water it daily and abundantly, or focus all of your energy on trying to (unsuccessfully) improve the conditions, you will be happy [...]

9 01, 2015

Top Tips – How To Sell Your House – Improve your garden

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Garden Improvements for House Sellers Are you thinking about selling your house and considering what needs a ‘sprucing up’ to impress potential buyers? Well make sure that you don’t overlook another important ‘room’ in your home – your garden. […]

24 10, 2014

Plants for Contemporary Gardens

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Contemporary Gardens – The Porsche Gardens by Flemons & Warland (cloud trees supplied by Paramount Plants) We’re pretty sure you don’t need us to tell you that modern life is stressful. We live in a fast-paced world, where everybody wants something and they want it now! [...]

5 12, 2011

Preparing the Exotic Garden for Winter

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We have just had one of the mildest Autumns on record but, not meaning to sound too pessimistic, I am sure things will change weather wise be it sooner or later. The combination of complacency and the element of surprise regarding the last 2 winters meant that plants [...]

4 11, 2011

Plants suitable for Roof Terraces, Balconies and Patios

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Updated for 2016 Seasons Plants for Roof Terraces ideally need to be wind resistant and drought tolerant. Designing gardens for roof terraces, balconies and patios can be one of the most challenging areas in which to create sustainable planting.  The problem with these areas is that [...]

28 10, 2011

Paramount Plants and Gardens – FREE garden design service

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by Myles Challis – in-house Garden Designer at Paramount Plants Few people would take the chance and lack of consultation when it comes to “interior design” that they often do when planning their gardens. […]

15 07, 2011

Renovate Your Garden – to Maximise Home Worth

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How renovating your Garden could increase the value of your home When making decisions about refurbishing our homes, statistics suggest our number 1 priority is to increase interior space. We tend to go for that new open plan kitchen/seating area and/or adding extra bedrooms or office space. Next most [...]

20 04, 2011

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Garden…

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Maintaining Your Garden By Lucas Mariconda Now that everyone is getting out into their gardens again after the harsh winter there is a lot of work to do. It may seem like a daunting task but once started even a couple of hours here and there can make [...]