Garden Improvements for House Sellers

Are you thinking about selling your house and considering what needs a ‘sprucing up’ to impress potential buyers? Well make sure that you don’t overlook another important ‘room’ in your home – your garden.

How to sell your house by improving your garden, UK

Remember your garden is another room of your house!

A well-maintained garden creates a great first impression to potential buyers; a property with an attractive garden will usually spend 10 – 15% less time on the market.

According to London estate agents, Marsh & Parsons, two comparable properties in the same area can vary greatly in price due to the impact of a garden or an outside terrace. A well-situated, sunny facing garden can significantly boost the price of a London property, compared to one without, by as much as 20% or more.

Keep in mind that a potential buyer will associate a garden that is looked after with a house that has been looked after. Giving your garden a facelift is relatively simple. Below, we’ve outlined the most important factors in relation to gardens that buyers will take into consideration when house-hunting.

Mature Trees
Several studies show that mature trees in a landscaped garden can increase house value from 7 – 19%. Trees provide greater privacy from neighbours and can really help frame a blissful garden oasis.

Trees also help with storm water run-off, carbon dioxide reduction, and energy savings (they provide wind blocks during winter months. If that wasn’t reason enough to love trees, according to a Texas A&M University study, just looking at trees produces significant recovery from stress within five minutes!

Mature Screening Trees provide instant privacy and impact. Buy online London UK

Mature Screening Trees provide instant privacy and impact.

At Paramount Plants we stock a wide variety of mature specimen trees and evergreen screening ; revamp your garden in a matter of days without having to wait years for trees to grow from scratch!

Plants and shrubs
Keep your garden simple and balanced with a mix of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Select plants and shrubs that are hardy and well-suited to the growing conditions of your garden.

Camellia Japonica Debbie – Special Offer

Camellias are stunningly beautiful flowering shrubs with glossy evergreen leaves

A good choice are evergreen plants such as Camellias and Feijoas these eye-catching plants retain their leaves all year-long, meaning that even in those cold winter months, your garden will still have an interesting colour palette of lush greens.

Ilex Crenata Balls - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, buy online UK

Ilex Crenata Balls – offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

If you have a small urban garden, potted plants are an easy way to include nature into your design. Topiary plants such as Ilex Crenata Globes and Japanese Cloud Trees add simple yet sophisticated touches to any garden.

Hardscape Elements
Take into consideration the non-green aspects of your garden too. Make sure that pathways, patios and decking are clean, free from weeds and repaired if damaged. Perk up fences with beautiful climbers such as Clematis, Honeysuckle or Evergreen Jasmine this is a simple way to help blend fencing in with your garden landscape and add more depth to the design of your garden.

Garden Lighting
Outdoor lighting is an important factor to house-hunters; a well-lit garden makes it much easier for them to imagine themselves entertaining in the garden well into the night and overall provides a much more welcoming vibe.

Garden lighting for house security

Garden lighting looks beautiful and helps with your house security

Don’t forget to add a seating area to your garden as this makes your garden a ‘functioning room’ for entertaining and socialising. Adding this element to your garden will actually make the area appear larger.

For more information on how garden renovations can increase property value, take a look at our blog, Renovate Your Garden.

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