How renovating your Garden could increase the value of your home
When making decisions about refurbishing our homes, statistics suggest our number 1 priority is to increase interior space. We tend to go for that new open plan kitchen/seating area and/or adding extra bedrooms or office space. Next most popular, apparently, is the importance we attach to adding/refurbishing a bathroom/shower room/wet room and thirdly incorporating extra storage space. Garden renovation, however, is usually the final part of the process!

Garden Renovation Ideas by Paramount Plants, London Garden Centre

Garden Renovation Ideas

When refurbishing the garden, the patio or decking area is often the first part of the costs allocated to the garden project, followed by a new lawn and garden furniture. Much lower down the priority scale is consideration to planting trees and shrubs. However plants, particularly structural or architectural plants, are an essential element in creating an impressive home and an enticing outside space.

A Mature Garden can add up to 10% to Property Values
Most people would not even think about purchasing a house without some form of garden or terrace. An established garden with mature shrubs and trees would, in the opinion of many professionals, add a minimum 10% to the value of a property. At the very least, a house with a lovely garden would be much more desirable on resale than a neighbouring house for sale without an established garden.
Bearing in mind that many houses in the London and the South-East of the UK are still worth well in excess of £450,000 then for a small investment in trees and shrubs of around 0.25% to 1% of the property value (ie £1125-£4500) this could considerably increase the value of a property and assist with a quick resale.

Mature garden with patio area for low maintenance garden designs

Mature Garden Designs to consider during your garden renovation

Choose Low Maintenance Garden Designs
Homeowners want low maintenance gardens that give them the best value for money in their outdoor spaces. New trends and desires for the ultimate garden wish-list are trees for screening neighbours, smart/neat hedging, architectural plants like tree ferns to create an interesting focus point, climbers to hide walls or fences, flowering evergreen shrubs such as rhododendrons and azaleas, topiary and the ever popular Japanese Acers.
Not every single plant will suit everyone, but a smart, efficient and carefully maintained garden will always be appreciated. Regularly pruned shrubs and trees such as Photinia Red Robin, Yews or Prunus Lusitanica make either wonderful ornamental shrubs or hedges and can be used as a back-drop to other smaller shrubs.
Framed trees such as Pleached Carpinus Betulas are a recent favourite for a contemporary/simple look to create an instant hedge above the fence line.

Topiary specialist nursery London

Topiary Prunus Lusitanica and Cotinus

Pots are very popular, as ever, and are useful for trees such as Olives which look stunning on patios or roof-terraces underplanted with lavender or rosemary (useful for cooking as well as their flowers).
Topiary also works extremely well in pots and Prunus Lusitanica (Portugese Laurel) is a smart popular evergreen which shapes very well and is used often for topiary lollipop shapes.
Trees such as Ligustrum Japonicum, Betula Jacquemontii or Quercus Ilex create a mature look to the garden and assist with screening off ugly buildings or neighbouring properties.

New Use of Garden Space
The garden space is still incredibly important to homeowners and will continue to increase in popularity as fewer people move home and refurbish existing space. Popular exterior home goods include home offices and garden buildings, seating areas, exterior lighting, firepits, barbeques/grills (even outdoor kitchens), irrigation systems, gazebos and arbours. Modern technology is also encroaching on garden spaces including stereo systems, internet access, and televisions.

Whatever your budget, it is clear that any money invested in garden renovation will be worthwhile. Keep the look tidy, use low maintenance trees and shrubs with differing textures, heights and foliage, and keep regularly maintained. The garden will then appeal to almost everyone who appreciates gardens.