Evergreen Hedges in Troughs & Screening Troughs

Evergreen hedges add ornamental value to your property, protect your privacy, shelter more sensitive plants in the garden, offer safety and sustenance to wildlife and much, much more. The only downside to them is that you have to wait for a dense evergreen screen to form – unless you rely on instant hedges! With our hedging troughs, you get an instant hedge screen in your garden without having to wait for years before it looks stunning.

This Photinia instant hedge screen is already clipped to a height of 1 metre.
Instant Photinia in troughs makes for a fantastic ready-made hedge.
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Buy Pleached Trees Online from our New Collection

What Are Pleached Trees?
Full Standard Trees that are frame trained as a flat rectangular shape are known as pleached trees. This is an extension of the age old art of espallier, literally taken to new heights. The tree is grown with a clear stem as a full standard, reaching circa 2 metres of trunk. Meanwhile the head of the tree has been expertly trained and pruned with the aid of a frame to create a flat rectangle. The training frames are constructed from bamboo and the tree’s branches are selected and teased along the frame, carefully held in place with wire supports. Any wayward shoots are trimmed away and the tree soon takes on a fabulous architectural shape, which only requires a shape-up trim a couple of times a year. Choose evergreen species trained in this way, to create an above fence or above wall privacy screen, providing valuable boundary screening throughout the year. Now with nationwide delivery, you can buy pleached trees online, including our mature specimens for delivery direct to your home.  Read more Buy Pleached Trees Online from our New Collection