Evergreen screening plants for privacy provide a very useful solution for hiding unsightly views or for providing privacy in your outside space. As a result, screening plants tend to be tall with dense foliage!

As Mature Plant Specialists, we are used to dealing with very tall specimens, often over 3 Metres tall. In fact, here at Paramount Plants, we are probably best-known for providing Instant Living Screens. These have an immediate impact in your garden in terms of providing screening plants for privacy. We have lots of articles about the various types of privacy screening plants we can offer. For example, our Living Screening Trees as well as our Evergreen Hedges in Troughs. For an above the fence-line solution, many customers these days are looking for pleached trees and full-standard trees. Other screening favourites include evergreen bamboo for a fast-growing solution.

Eitherway, plants for privacy can transform your garden. In this section of our blog you can learn much more about the types of plants we use for various types of Privacy Screening.

What is the Best Evergreen Hedge for Privacy?

With the right choice of evergreens, you can easily transform your garden into an oasis of peace and quiet. Whether you are looking to reduce noise pollution in an urban environment or simply do not want your neighbour to have a clear view of your backyard, strategically planted trees and [...]

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Evergreen Hedges in Troughs & Screening Troughs

Evergreen hedges add ornamental value to your property, protect your privacy, shelter more sensitive plants in the garden, offer safety and sustenance to wildlife and much, much more. The only downside to them is that you have to wait for a dense evergreen screen to form – unless you rely [...]

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Buy Pleached Trees Online from our New Collection

What Are Pleached Trees? Full Standard Trees that are frame trained as a flat rectangular shape are known as pleached trees. This is an extension of the age old art of espallier, literally taken to new heights. The tree is grown with a clear stem as a full standard, reaching [...]

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Half Standard Pleached Trees – Trained on a Bamboo Frame

Pleached Trees with their elegant straight stems and distinctive square crowns are a regular feature in UK gardens. Half-standard Pleached Trees (not quite so tall as the standard Pleached) are probably less well-known. Let’s take a closer look at these versatile plants. For many years Paramount Plants has been the [...]

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Use Home Oak Pleached Trees to create Outdoor Rooms & Elegant Screening

Pleached Trees, such as Pleached Quercus Ilex (Holm Oak), can look spectacular in the garden particularly when used as above fence screening over an attractive brick or stone wall. Holm Oak Pleached Trees are also ideal if you want to create an enclosure or garden room where you don’t necessarily need a [...]

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