Pleached Trees, such as Pleached Quercus Ilex (Holm Oak), can look spectacular in the garden particularly when used as above fence screening over an attractive brick or stone wall. Holm Oak Pleached Trees are also ideal if you want to create an enclosure or garden room where you don’t necessarily need a solid barrier.

Why choose pleached trees over espaliered trees?
The main difference is that pleached trees have their own independent bamboo frame wherever you plant them. So pleached trees can be planted standalone as a decorative line or framing either side of a path.  If you do use them as above fence screening, they do not need any further support to get established and develop their foliage screen. If you do use them in this way, because of the narrow clear stem form, they do not take up much lateral space while providing a solid elevated screen above the fence or hedging line. Espaliered trees generally need a structure to ‘back’ on to such as a wall or the side of a house or similar. In other words, Espaliered trees are not stand-alone and need a support structure.

Holm Oak Pleached Trees for above fence screening

Holm Oak Pleached Trees for above fence screening, Holland Park


Pleached trees, think elevated hedges on stilts, allow beautiful stone work for example to be exposed below the fence line while providing screening above. More open and less dense than solid hedges below the foliage line, holm oak pleached trees work well for example in urban gardens where a small vegetable patch can be kept separate by using an attractive wall of pleached trees.

The best evergreen trees for pleaching include the pleached Hornbeam and the Holm Oak Pleached Trees. Also available are Pleached Photinia Red Robin and Pleached Leyland Cypress Trees.

Pleached Quercus Ilex Trees

Holm Oak Pleached Quercus Ilex Trees – 9 feet tall


Quercus Ilex (also known as Holm Oak and also Holly Oak) is an evergreen oak and is particularly suited to our UK climate. Pleached Quercus Ilex trees are relatively low-maintenance. Holm Oak Pleached Trees are available now at our garden centre. They stand at an impressive 9 feet tall (excluding pot).
Buy Quercus Ilex Pleached Trees Online – UK wide delivery is available.
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Staking Pleached Trees
Remember when planting Pleached trees make sure that adequate staking or framework is factored in and also recommended that each frame is tied together to maintain a good line and one that is not likely to move in winter storms. Stakes can normally be removed in around 3-5 years. Our Tree Stakes and Ties pack is perfectly designed for planting pleached trees – one pack for one tree – it couldn’t be easier!