Trees that are designed for privacy screening use are one of the most popular requests here at Paramount Plants. Ever more frequently, we are asked about raised hedging using full standard trees. In response, we have developed our range to provide real choices for very different garden design solutions.  These trees are displayed in our Clear Stem Trees section.

Ligustrum Variegated Full Standard Trees buy online, London

Ligustrum Variegated Full Standard Trees | Buy Online


Customers come to us in their quest to screen off parts of the garden or the garden boundaries. The reasons are plentiful – unsightly views, partitioning, screening off the neighbours and providing shade, to name just a few.

Examples of Trees for Raised Hedging - Ligustrum Japonica Full Standard

Ligustrum Full Standard | Ligustrum Variegated Full Standard Larger Size


Pleached Trees create striking above fence screens without losing the potential for evergreen screening provided by full standard trees (clear stemmed trees).
The overall height of these trees is around 4-5 metres with tall stems (circa 2 metres), bushy heads that create a real depth of screening (these will grow even larger once planted in the ground) and as evergreens, they provide a natural ‘green wall’ throughout the year.

Raised Hedging and Stilted Hedging
This form of planting is known as raised hedging or stilted hedging and our full standard trees are just perfect for instant screening. Full standard’s are so versatile as they take up little lateral ground level space and can either be underplanted with shrubs or planted against a wall or fence giving a huge height of screening.

Raised Hedging - Full Standard Bay Tree and Full Standard Photinias

Raised Hedging – examples include Full Standard Photinia Trees & Full Standard Bays


Some varieties bring even more to the table – Full Standard Photinias give colourful interest with leaves changing throughout the season. The Variegated Ligustrum provides a sense of light and contrast in your garden design when teamed up with the darker evergreens. The Magnolia Grandiflora Full Standard’s provide beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Full Standard Magnolias and Full Standard Quercus, perfect for raised hedging

Full Standard Magnolia | Magnolia Head Close Up | Full Standard Quercus Ilex


All our Full Standard Trees are available to buy online with delivery throughout the UK ( delivery terms).