17 09, 2019

Best Deciduous and Evergreen Single Stem Trees for Small Gardens

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Single stem trees for small gardens are an ideal solution for adding visual interest, shade and increased privacy. Small single stem trees are a perfect example of how ‘smaller’ can make a ‘bigger’ difference in a limited-sized landscape! People tend to think that having limited garden space automatically means having […]

8 08, 2019

Best Trees for Wet Areas and Planting Near Water

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Choosing the ideal tree varieties for your garden can be a challenging task, especially if your conditions are less than perfect. A common issue gardeners face is wet areas or sites on their property or overall wet and boggy soil in the garden. Parts of your garden with poor drainage […]

6 03, 2019

Choosing the Best Willow Trees for UK Gardens: Expert Tips on Care

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Willows form the numerous and diverse genus Salix, which consists of over 400 species of deciduous shrubs and trees. The best Willow tree varieties come in many shapes and forms, from tiny creeping alpine willows through to stunning weeping willow trees. While their looks and origin might vary, most willows […]

22 03, 2018

Growing Beech Trees in UK Gardens and Landscapes – varieties and uses

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If you are looking for stunning trees to enhance your garden, why not let England’s greatest gardener inspire you? ‘Capability’ Brown, the man that designed some of the most recognizable landscapes of eighteenth-century England, knew how to choose the most enchanting specimens for his projects, and the fact that beech […]

27 02, 2018

Crab Apple Trees

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  Considered to be a heritage fruit tree, crab apple is a cherished cultivar with a proven performance in the United Kingdom. We offer crab apple trees for sale that are among the best-loved ornamental trees for small gardens, mainly for their compact size, gorgeous pink blossoms, and the abundant […]

22 06, 2017

Trees for Small Gardens – Deciduous Evergreen & Topiary Choices

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Planning a garden in a small space has its challenges, not the least of which is finding the best trees for small gardens. Luckily, there are many lovely small specimen trees to tuck into even the tiniest of city gardens! Many of these would even work in a courtyard or […]

15 06, 2016

Common Hawthorn & Paul’s Scarlet – A Good Choice for Hedging

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We’ve just secured two new varieties of Hawthorn for our plant collection here at Paramount Plants & Gardens and this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the native Hawthorn and explain why we think they are such a valuable plant to consider for today’s gardens.

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