Pleached Trees – Planting & Care

Pleached trees are an elegant and simple way of creating a formal looking hedge above the fence line without taking up too much space.
Pleached trees are trees which have been specially trained across a framework.  They create an effective and attractive contemporary screen as they are slimmer than normal free forming trees and so work well in gardens where a neat hedge above the fence-line is necessary.
Maintenance is minimal, just regular watering and pruning them a couple of times a year.
Paramount Plants are a leading UK plant centre specialising in the supply of Pleached and Full Standard Screening Trees and many other ideas for Trees and Shrubs to create screening.

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Planting Tips

With plants you need to be consistent – pick a day each week when you inspect your plants, weed the beds, feed the plants and water them (normally when you mow your lawn each week). Putting in a few hours each month during the growing period (April to September) will go a long way to ensuring the plants survive and prosper in your garden. BE REALISTIC – If you do not think you are able to put in the commitment then hire a gardener to do this for you.

Planting tips for new plants in your garden. Mulching, feeding and watering your plants
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Tree Fern Care and Planting

Originating from Southeast Australia, Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Fern plants are now enhancing stylish gardens across the UK. Tree Ferns are remarkable plants, exotic-looking plants. Yet tree fern care is easy if you follow a few simple instructions.

Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for sale UK
Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for sale at Paramount Plants

The tree fern starts as a bare, soft, bristly trunk. In late spring, the fronds begin to unfurl. Within a few weeks, the plant is transformed, with bright green fronds, or ferns, reaching sometimes a metre from the centre. After the rapid spring growth, the fronded plant makes a truly wonderful feature for any garden or patio.

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Prunus Lusitanica Portuguese Laurel Care

Portuguese Laurel Prunus Lusitanica is an elegant contemporary hedging plant with beautiful white flowers in summer and dark green foliage which you can clip to create a dense hedge. In the autumn, this evergreen shrub or tree produces attractive berries. The fruit offers both visual interest and serve as food for birds.

Portuguese Laurel Prunus Lusitanica care is easy when you have good information.
Multiple interest Portuguese Laurel makes it a lovely evergreen hedge.
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