Amazing Yew Hedging Rootball Offers – Buy 10 root balled, save £££s

AUTUMN / WINTER 2017 & 2018
It’s Yew Hedging Root ball season once again! This is the time of the year when plant growth is dormant and we can sell plants direct from the ground as a root ball without having to pot them up, meaning even more value for money for you.

Buy 10x 1 – 1.25 Metre Tall Yew Trees for £240 – UK delivery
Read more Amazing Yew Hedging Rootball Offers – Buy 10 root balled, save £££s

Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants

Buy our Photinia Hedging shrub 1.5-1.75 metre high as rootball plants and save ££s
Height Excluding Pot:
1.5-1.75m (4ft 11-5ft 8) – £35 each 
Buy 2 Get 1 Free – £23.33 each
Buy 50 for £1000 – £20 each
Plant shape: rootballed – supplied without pot, this is a fantastic offer – giving you the opportunity to create a stunning hedge at a fraction of the normal price.
PLUS For all Orders Over £250 (excl delivery) use PLANT20 at the checkout and get a further 20% off your order…
If you buy the 50 plant option this is an incredible price of just £16 for each plant when you use the promo code PLANT20

With its blazing red new foliage in spring and summer and rich, glossy leaves, Photinia Red Robin is a superb choice of evergreen hedging that provides interest in the garden all year round.

Photinia Red Robin Hedging – prized for its colourful glossy evergreen foliage
Photinia Red Robin Hedging – prized for its colourful glossy evergreen foliage


A Red Robin hedge has large glossy foliage. In spring as the new growth emerges, it is a most attractive bright red. As the season progresses from summer to autumn, the foliage takes on a burgundy hue. Read more Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants

Leylandii Hedging – fast growing, effective and attractive hedging


This is a fine example of Leylandii hedging from Richmond in South London. It is a lovely shade of deep green in colour. It is a well-kept hedge. You can see how beautiful and lush the foliage looks, with a nice, geometric rectangular shape and good depth. At a height of approximately 8 to 9 feet, this hedge is not overly difficult to trim and maintain, requiring no more than pair of ladders and a shears. In return, this Leylandii hedge offers a living green wall for the privacy for the residents while its dense interior provides shelter for wildlife such as small birds.

Provided you keep it in shape by trimming 2 to 3 times a year, a Leylandii hedge is an ideal evergreen screen if you need a hedge fast. The important thing to remember about Leylandii hedging is that it must be maintained. Leylandii (Leyland Cypress or its full Latin name Cupressus Leylandii) are very fast growing evergreen conifers. While their rapid growth means they will form a dense hedge very quickly, the corollary is that they must be kept trimmed so as not to get out of hand.


Pruning your Leylandii hedge
Pruning should be done about 2 to 3 times per year to the top and sides. This is best done in the growing season (generally March to August). As you can see, this hedge is due another little trim round about spring. Remember to always check for bird’s nests before pruning.

Growing Conditions
Leylandii trees are not overly fussy about soil type and will grow in a wide variety of soils from sand to clay and will even grow in areas where the soil is poor. They are wind and salt tolerant and will also grow well in exposed windy / coastal areas.

Planting Leylandii Hedging
Leylandii should ideally be planted 70 cm to 1 metre apart. The closer you plant them, the more quickly they fill out to form a dense hedge.

Buying Leylandii Hedging
Don’t miss our Leylandii special offers  – when you buy 10 plants or more in the 2 metre or 3 mere tall sizes. At Paramount Plants, we are specialists in mature trees & shrubs for hedging and evergreen screening. Visit our North London plant centre or direct buy online – we offer UK wide delivery.