Griselinia Hedging - a rapid grower for coastal areas

Griselinia Hedging – a rapid grower for coastal areas


Mature Plants means Instant Hedges
If you are looking for a fast growing hedges, our advice is to buy the most mature specimens of fast growing hedging plants that your budget allows. This is the fastest and most effective way to get that Instant Hedge in place so you can enjoy privacy behind a wall of green and / or block out that unsightly view.

Choice of hedging plants
The fast growing hedges section of our website brings together the best performing of the fast growing, evergreen hedging plants. All are UK hardy and perform well in our British climate. They are known for their ‘hedging plant’ merits so to speak – such as clipability, dense growing habit etc. Our specimens have been nurtured specifically with hedging in mind.

For each plant, we list the size (which reflects maturity). Depending on the variety, our fast growing hedging plants can range in size from 1 Metre tall (this is usually the smallest size we have) right up to a massive 3.5 metres tall for some very mature specimens, ideal for instant hedges.

Fast Growing Hedges – which one to choose?
Photinia Red Robin Hedging is hardy and easy to grow. Its new leaf growth is a stunning red colour in spring gradually turning green in winter.

The Leyland hedging plants (also known as Leylandii) form a conifer hedge and is one of the fastest growing hedging plants available. Choose from the green Leyland Cypress or the golden Castlewellan Gold.

Privet Hedging, both the golden privet and green privet varieties are perhaps England’s best loved hedging choice with its rich foliage and oval shaped leaves.

Griselinia (New Zealand Privet) is a fast and sturdy grower ideal for Windy and Coastal Areas.

Holly HedgingEnglish Holly (Ilex Aquifolium) is a native evergreen which forms a very attractive hedge with its lovely red berries in winter. Its prickly leaves are a highly effective additional deterrent if you are wanting to keep people (and animals) out.

Native Holly Hedging

Native Holly Hedging in Berry


Thuya Hedging is an excellent hedging conifer that is effective and attractive. It remains less well known than Leylandii as a hedging conifer but is fast gaining nationwide recognition for its suitability for instant hedging. Large specimens are available (up to 3.5 metres high in fact) for those wanting instant hedges. This particular variety is Thuya Occidentalis Brabant and is available as a rootball.

Not forgetting of course the other instant hedging stalwarts of Cherry Laurel and its relative the Portuguese Laurel (similar but with the narrower leaves). .

Oleaster hedging is also a good option for exposed coastal areas. It likes a nice sunny spot.

And for a bamboo option, we suggest the very fast growing Umbrella Bamboo (Fargesia Murielae).

Cherry Laurel Hedging

Cherry Laurel Hedging