Cloud Pruned Trees

Paramount Plants is one of the UK’s leading specialist nurseries for Cloud Pruned Trees. These amazing trees are more frequently found in Japan but here in the UK these trees are unusual and exceptional. Our specimen trees are mature and have been beautifully created over time, each one is unique and for this reason, we have created a completely separate section of our website dedicated to Unique Cloud Trees. Here you can browse and view the exact Cloud Tree for sale – each tree has a unique special code, ensuring that the one you buy online is the exact tree you’ll be delivered. Read more Cloud Pruned Trees

Buxus Boxes – have fun with Box Topiary Squares

Let your imagination run wild and create strong geometric shapes in your garden with our Box Topiary Squares! These may be small plants but when planted together, they can transform your garden adding an attractive dense, evergreen structure that will look great all year round. Over time, as they become established, the effect will be striking. The other point to remember about Box (Buxus Sempervirens) is that it is slow growing so maintaining your topiary shape is not that difficult – and you can get away with trimming just once per year. Read more Buxus Boxes – have fun with Box Topiary Squares