Topiary is one of our specialities at Paramount Plants. We love the formal elegance of this ancient art of pruning plants. Here in our Topiary section, you will find lots of articles on topiary including its history and origins as well as topical subjects such as Ilex Crenata versus Boxwood.

Topiary Pine Trees

Topiary pine trees are grown in a wide range of styles from spirals to cloud trees. They can be single or multi-stemmed and have straight or bendy trunks. As pine trees are indeed quite bendy when young, they lend themselves well to the ancient Japanese art of Niwaki, the age-old [...]

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Ilex Crenata Pom Pom Tree – the smaller alternative to the Japanese Cloud Tree

Newly arrived in our garden centre and already a run-away success, these rather stunning Ilex Crenata Pom Pom trees are what we call a ‘garden bonsai’ size. They are incredibly cute and will command attention as a garden or patio focal point where ever you place them. […]

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Showcasing topiary in the formal garden – Queluz Palace, Portugal

Central to formal garden planting is geometric pattern, accentuated by the artful use of topiary. It is hard to beat the formal gardens of Portugal’s Queluz Palace, where topiary and geometric lines complement each other exquisitely. […]

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