Topiary pine trees are grown in a wide range of styles from spirals to cloud trees. They can be single or multi-stemmed and have straight or bendy trunks. As pine trees are indeed quite bendy when young, they lend themselves well to the ancient Japanese art of Niwaki, the age-old practice of carefully and patiently clipping and shaping trees over time into elaborate and beautiful forms such as cloud trees.

We recently expanded our conifer collection and this now includes an exciting range of topiary pine trees. In Western Europe, we are most familiar with topiary shapes using Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly). But in Japan, practicing the art of Niwaki using pine trees has long been a way of life for the Japanese gardener.

Our Topiary Pine Trees – some examples!

Pinus Strobus Blue Shag Bonsai with its evergreen needles of blue-green is a very attractive topiary pine tree in a cute garden bonsai size of circa 80 cm. A showstopper. Price £665.

Our Topiary Pine Trees - Pinus Strobus Blue Shag

Our Topiary Pine Trees – Pinus Strobus Blue Shag

Pinus Sylvestris
our native Scots Pine is extremely suited to Niwaki. We have beautiful topiary Pinus Sylvestris dome trees at 1.5 metres tall. Price £995!

Scots Pine - Topiary Pine Tree

Scots Pine – Topiary Pine Tree

If you are looking for something larger as a topiary pine try the Pinus Sylvestris Pine Cloud Tree Pom Pom, in two sizes, the larger standing a massive 2 metres tall.

Perhaps less common in the UK at least where topiary pine trees are concerned, we have North American native pine trees –  Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana (Lawson Cypress) in a range of topiary pine tree shapes and sizes. These plants offer excellent value for money.

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Gold Pom Pom – these are topiary pine trees in a multi-stemmed pom pom shape with attractive golden foliage in spring circa 1 metre tall. Price £45 each.

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Pom Pom (Ellwood’s Lawson Cypress Topiary) – these are multi-stem topiary pine tree pom pom balls in two sizes up to 1.75 metre tall.

Topiary Pine Trees - multi-stem Pom Poms

Topiary Pine Trees – multi-stem Pom Poms

Topiary Pine Tree Spirals
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana – Beautiful 2 metre tall topiary pine tree spirals with golden yellow foliage. These substantial trees are guaranteed to make an instant impact.

Topiary Pine Tree Spirals

Topiary Pine Tree Spirals

Chamaecyparis Pisifera
– Sawara Cypress is a false cypress that is native to Japan.  This truly gorgeous topiary pine tree is available in 3 sizes all in the popular garden bonsai size.

Japanese False Cypress Topiary Pine Tree

Japanese False Cypress Topiary Pine Tree


There are lots more topiary pines trees on our website. Remember all our plants are available to buy online and we delivery UK wide.