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Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Pom Pom

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Elwoods Lawson Cypress pom pom topiary tree, for sale online from London plant centre, UK
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Pom Pom - Chamaecyparis Topiary trees
Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Pom Pom - Chamaecyparis Topiary trees
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Pompon
Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 1384 12
Price: £95.00
35% Discount £61.75
Paramount Plants & Gardens is a corporate member of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS).

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Pom Pom (Ellwood’s Lawson Cypress Topiary)

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii (common name Ellwood’s Lawson Cypress) is native to North America. Rather than being left to their own devices, these conifers are Niwaki Chamaecyparis trees (in this case, shaped as multi-stemmed topiary pom pom trees) and they look very striking indeed.

In essence, Niwaki can be described as a type of Japanese topiary and refers to any plant in the garden (usually trees but also shrubs) whose shape has been changed (enhanced) by consistent pruning and training over many years.

With their erect form, thick bare trunks and multiple pom poms on the end of the branches, these Chamaecyparis Topiary trees will command attention in the garden, terrace or balcony or indeed wherever you may care to place them. And they are surprisingly easy to maintain – trimming twice per year to maintain the pom pom shape should do the trick.

Chamaecyparis is an exceptional conifer in its own right and has been awarded the AGM Award of Garden Merit by the RHS largely because of its stunning evergreen foliage - the beautiful grey-green foliage takes on distinctly bluer tints throughout the winter months.

Chamaecyparis has a slow to medium growth rate and has a very dense and compact habit, making it very well suited for the ancient art of Niwaki.

These Chamaecyparis Topiary trees are ready to be planted in the ground but with their perfect pom pom shapes, they look super in pots or containers and work exceptionally well in pairs, for example on either side of the front door or to frame an entrance or gateway.

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii loves full sun and any moist but well drained fertile soil. It will however cope very well in partial shade. 

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