Hardy tropical plants from around the world

11 11, 2014

Tropical Plants for UK Gardens

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Did you listen to Gardener’s Question Time this week?  Here at Paramount Plants we’re often asked if hardy palms really are hardy enough for a UK climate and this week’s Gardener’s Question Time programme showcased the ‘Jungle Garden’ of Nick Wilson from Leeds, a fine example of just [...]

19 08, 2014

Add a Mediterranean touch to your garden with our Hardy Palms on special offer

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One of our specialities at Paramount Plants is sourcing mature UK hardy palms. As well as adding a Mediterranean/ tropical flavour to your garden, these magnificent palms are prized in particular for adding architectural depth to the garden or patio. Right now we have special offers on 3 [...]

10 05, 2012

Yucca Rostrata – a hardy architectural plant with a spherical crown of blue-green leaves

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Did you know - we sell UK hardy yucca rostrata online with UK wide delivery? Originating from the desert regions of the mid-American continent,  the Yucca Rostrata or beaked Yucca is a hardy tropical that can be planted outside and is able to withstand temperatures as low as minus 15 [...]

3 02, 2011

Winter damaged Cordylines – how to help them recover

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With weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable it is hard to know what to expect & how to prepare our most vulnerable plants for extremely cold spells. Will we experience a very cold winter?  I recall most recently December 2010 which went down on record as one of the [...]

18 01, 2011

Plants From Around The World

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Interested in viewing a wide selection of fully-hardy mature plants from around the world? Then look no further than Paramount Plants and Gardens’ Plant Centre in Crews Hill, North London. Our excellent plant knowledge, helpful customer service and our wide selection of mature architectural trees, palms, flowering perennials, [...]