Butia Capitata palms are native to South America, primarily found in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and are commonly known as Jelly Palms or Pindo Palm.

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Extra Large Butia Capitata Palm 

They’ve become very popular with European gardeners as they are hardy palms and quite tolerant of our cold and wet winters. They are a must have palm in any tropical garden design. The strong arching architectural leaves are a cool blue /green in colour, the stem is stout and strong, this is an easy palm to grow and will tolerate temperatures of -10 but it is wise to protect the growing stem with fleece if you live in areas that get particularly cold and for long periods.

Pindo Palms - Butia Capitata | 2.5-3m height | Special Offer - Usual Price: £295.00 Sale price: £250.00

Pindo Palms – Butia Capitata | 2.5-3m height 

Butia will grow in well drained soil and likes full sun. Make sure you give it plenty of room as it will spread as it gets established and with regular summer watering it should produce several new leaves in a season.
Its edible fruits are sweet and taste similar to apricots, they are often used to produce sweet jellies in it’s native country, hence the name Jelly Palm.
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Butia Capitata Palms Special Offer at Paramount Plants

Butia Capitata Palms Special Offer at Paramount Plants

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