Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

Easy to grow and to care for, ground cover plants have many uses in the garden.


Muehlenbeckia Complexa is one of the most popular ground cover plants.
Muehlenbeckia Complexa, also known as Australian Ivy or Maidenhair Vine, is one of the most attractive ground cover plants.


Whether evergreen or deciduous,  low-growing plants can add colour and texture to bare patches in your garden, act as a living mulch and help control those pesky weeds. If you are gardening on a slope, fast growing ground cover plants will prevent soil erosion and introduce visual interest. Ground cover plants are generally very low-maintenance, and they will not need any special care to thrive and spread. No mowing, pruning or seasonal fertilising- there is very little (if anything) these plants require to be content. Read more Best Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

Villa D’Este Gardens in Tivoli

By Lucas Mariconda
We had the great pleasure of visiting this ancient Villa and its amazing gardens in July. The Villa D’este Gardens in Tivoli were created in the 16th century and are a splendid example of Italian Renaissance architecture. We saw some of the most marvellous water features ever built in a garden. The garden itself is set high up in the mountains just outside Rome, where the climate is just a tad cooler and the views from the gardens simply wondrous. Today the Palace & Gardens are a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Villa D’Este Gardens are particularly famed for astonishing water features
The Villa D’Este Gardens are particularly famed for astonishing water features

Read more Villa D’Este Gardens in Tivoli

Plants For Coastal Gardens

Plants For Coastal Gardens

Seaside and coastlines are often seen as synonymous with a windy and salt ridden climate where only the hardiest plant specimens can survive and the question is often posed to those of us working in the horticultural industry “What plants, shrubs and trees would be suitable? I live on the coast or near the sea”. As my recent travels have taught me – the answer to this ubiquitous question is not as bleak as we often think. Read more Plants For Coastal Gardens

Gardens With Seating Areas

People create and maintain their gardens for many different reasons but relaxation is surely near the top of the list. As a retreat for relaxation and contemplation, peaceful gardens with seating areas are a ‘must have’ component in our view.
Whether your garden design is on a grand scale or perhaps a tiny courtyard or roof terrace, with a bit of thought, you can create an oasis of calm by using clever planting and screening for privacy.
Here we are showcasing some of our favourite garden seating area designs, some are images we’ve collected ourselves during our travels to inspiring gardens and others have been sent to us by happy customers. There is surely something here to inspire your creativity whilst planning your outside space. Read more Gardens With Seating Areas