Ideas for your garden and patio, showing award-winning gardens as well as lots of inspiring ideas such as Gardens with Seating Areas. Here we also showcase some of our favourite gardens that never cease to inspire us. These include Overbecks, Villa Taranto and Isola Bella.

Preparing The Garden for Entertaining This Summer

Summer is here! With lockdown restrictions eased we can see each other again, so let’s get the garden ready for entertaining.  Take A Seat Seating is always first on our garden essentials list when preparing the garden for entertaining. Taking a pew in your garden is one of life’s pleasures [...]

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How To Choose The Best Plants For A Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a low maintenance style that never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re working with lots of room or just one border there are plenty of plants that love the well-drained conditions a contemporary rock garden creates. Inspiring Japanese-style rock garden. What Exactly Is A Rock [...]

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All You Need To Know About Pleached Fruit Trees

If you’ve ever wondered what pleached trees are, specifically pleached fruit trees, how they differ from espaliers and fan-trained trees, or what on earth a hedge-on-stilts is, you’ll find all the answers here. If we’ve missed anything drop us a line or call and we’ll do our best to help.  [...]

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Plants For A West Facing Wall

If you’re looking to plant up or improve a west-facing border then you’ve struck gold.  A sun-soaked west-facing wall is one of the best places to grow many colourful plants but it’s not without a few challenges. The main issue you’ll have is the temperature level.  West-facing walls receive the [...]

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Plants For An East Facing Wall or Garden

Growing plants in a south or west facing garden is relatively straight-forward. The aspects we are asked about most often are Plants for a North Facing Wall or for an East Facing Wall or Garden. An east facing wall has a special set of planting requirements, but it’s not difficult to [...]

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Plants for a North Facing Wall

Many people think finding plants for a north-facing wall is hard work because plants don’t thrive there, but that’s not always the case because a north-facing wall can look astonishing when it’s packed with textured greenery.   The trick is to choose the right plants for a north-facing wall. These will [...]

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