Ilex Crenata Cloud Tree - this size £495

Ilex Crenata Cloud Tree

We cannot help our passion for Japanese Cloud Trees at Paramount Plants. Each of our Cloud Trees has been carefully sourced directly from Japan, where each unique cloud tree takes many years to develop and mature.  Once shaped however, they will make a striking addition to any garden or terrace, transforming your outside space in an instant. Cloud Trees once mature are relatively easy to maintain, requiring little more than pruning once or twice per year.  Cloud Trees take their name from their skilfully created shape, which resembles clouds on branches.  Plant in full sun or partial shade.

Ilex Crenata Cloud Tree - this size £995

Ilex Crenata Cloud Tree

Although Cloud Trees, particularly the more mature specimens, are quite rare in the UK, we have built up a substantial collection of Japanese Cloud Trees. Our most popular cloud trees are Ilex Crenata (or Japanese Holly) but we have sourced many other varieties including a range of evergreen Junipers such as  Juniperus Chinensis Blue Alps and Juniperus Sonare. We have Yew cloud trees (Taxus Cuspidata) at a substantial size of 1.6 metres high excluding container.

Taxus Cupsidata Cloud Tree - this tree £4950.00

Taxus Cuspidata Cloud Tree

Our cloud trees are acclimatised to UK weather conditions and ready to plant. They range is terms of maturity from just over 1 metre to well over 2 metres tall (excl. container).

Juniper Sonare Cloud Tree this size £3250.00

Juniper Sonare Cloud Tree

On our website, you can view each Cloud Tree individually and see the exact cloud tree you wish to purchase from our Cloud Tree gallery.  We deliver UK wide. Alternatively if you are in the London area, pay us a visit at our garden centre.

Juniperus Chinensis Kaizuka Cloud Tree - this size £2450

Juniperus Chinensis Kaizuka Cloud Tree

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