Topiary Bay Tree Lollipop – A pair of Laurus Nobilis Bay Tree Lollipops from as little as £65!

Right now,  we have Special Offers on our newly arrived beautiful Bay Tree Lolliops. Our Topiary Bay Trees look great when planted in pairs, so we are offering a specially reduced price when you buy a set of 2. Our beautiful bay tree lollipops come in many sizes and maturities and with varying degrees of thickness of bark and crown. Sizes start at 80 cm (excluding the pot) right up to 2 Metres tall for our 20 year old ¾ standard bay tree lollipops. Our bay trees are for sale online with UK and Ireland wide delivery for all sizes under 3 metres.

Topiary Bay Tree Lollipops – Special Offer
Topiary Bay Tree Lollipops – Special Offer…


Take a look at this image to get a better idea of the different sizes:

Four sizes of our topiary bay lollipops
Four sizes of our topiary bay lollipops


As you can see, the more mature sizes have a significantly thicker girth and larger, more dense crowns.

The ancient bay tree or Laurus Nobilis is among the most popular of evergreen trees used in topiary. They are hardy and thus well suited to our UK climates. They have glossy fragrant deep green leaves, often used in cooking. Topiary bay trees grow equally well in the ground as in containers. They are happy in a sunny or partial shade position. It is not difficult to maintain the lovely lollipop heads – simply trim when dormant in late winter.

Topiary specialist Paramount Plants has a fabulous range of architectural & sculptural topiary shrubs & trees, many with topiary special offers. You may also be interested in our twisted stem topiary bay trees. We also have Topiary Bay Cones or pyramids, substantial topiary trees at around 3 metres tall for instant impact in the garden.

Visit  Paramount Plants Topiary for a choice of many more topiary plants. We also sell online with UK wide delivery.
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Garden Inspiration Ideas – heart shaped topiary bay trees
Garden Inspiration Ideas – heart shaped topiary bay trees