Planting a New Hedge – or Improving an Existing Hedge?
Be bold – there are so many beautiful hedging options now available – hedging doesn’t have to be boring!

Mixed hedge plants for sale UK

Mixed Hedge – This ornamental mixed hedge is planted with Photinia Red Robin alternated with Grisselinia

Ornamental mixed hedges can be colourful, textural, evergreen tapestries  – above, is an alternate mix of Photinia Red Robin and Grisselinia Littoralis . This striking hedge is created using totally contrasting, yet complementary colours. These two hedging varieties, with their similar growth rate and adaptability will thrive equally well in windy, coastal areas as in the centre of town. Hedges provide great structure to the garden and can be planted with as much verve as your imagination allows – try using sweeping curves, the sharpest angles or undulating bends. The foliage colours can be just as innovative. Here, a much more delicate blend is achieved, by using a subtle mix of evergreen hedging varieties, the base is softened with a line of colour. The height and colour differentiations of the trees behind gently emphasise the tonal differences in the hedge.

Mixed Hedge plants, evergreen hedging for sale online UK

An Evergreen Mixed Hedge – these varieties displaying very delicate shades of green for this evergreen screen

Hedges are back in vogue and being re-introduced on a grand scale – finally we are all realising that green shrubs and trees, not only provide privacy on your boundary, but are a lifeline to wildlife, as nesting sites for birds, and encouraging pollinators by providing much needed nectar on the wing.
Let’s think about it for a moment – boundary walls are expensive to build and can be pretty stark structures, we then spend more money on climbing plants to cover them up. In most cases fences, although cheaper, are manufactured using precious natural resources and have a fairly limited lifespan, especially when the more flimsy fence panels are used.
Greening our living spaces with hedge plants is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a practical and eco-friendly solution for enclosing boundaries.
Flowering Mixed Hedges – By including flowering evergreen shrubs, a beautifully lush and fragrant hedge can be created.

Ornamental mixed hedge plants for sale UK

Ornamental Mixed Hedge – using Camellias, Conifers and Pittosporum Silver Queen

Super fast growing Cupressus Leylandii can be used for shaping into an ornamental hedge and topiary, a clever use of geometric shapes as punctuation in this garden

Super Fast Growing Leylandii Ornamental Hedging, buy UK

Fast Growing Cupressus Leylandii hedge is easily trimmed to shape

Choosing and planting an ornamental mixed hedge has never been easier – there are so many beautiful hedging plant varieties to choose from. If you have time to wait for your hedge to mature, plant smaller sized hedging plants that will grow, meld together and fill your space. For those that need instant privacy, there are a range of options – you can use mature trees to create an instant privacy screen or choose from the many fast growing hedging plants that will grow and develop super fast after planting.

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