Evergreen hedges add ornamental value to your property, protect your privacy, shelter more sensitive plants in the garden, offer safety and sustenance to wildlife and much, much more. The only downside to them is that you have to wait for a dense evergreen screen to form – unless you rely on instant hedges! With our hedging troughs, you get an instant hedge screen in your garden without having to wait for years before it looks stunning.

This Photinia instant hedge screen is already clipped to a height of 1 metre.
Instant Photinia in troughs makes for a fantastic ready-made hedge.

Instant hedging in troughs or screening troughs offer you the possibility to have a ready-made hedge, mature and already pruned to shape, with several specimens planted together. If you do not want to wait an average of five years before your hedge takes form, instant hedging in troughs is the way to go. To boot, as these are already mature plants, hedging troughs have a high success rate after transplanting.

At Paramount Plants and Gardens, you can find instant hedges that are already 1.2 to 3 metres high, grown in 1 metre wide troughs. The only thing that remains is to choose the best instant hedge screen or instant hedges for your own needs. Read on to find out which evergreen cultivars we offer as instant hedging in troughs!

Photinia Hedging Screens in Troughs

The year-round interest and lovely scarlet colour of its young leaves make Photinia one of the most popular hedging choices. Additionally, the lush evergreen foliage provides seasons of interest and its density ensures privacy on your property. But it’s during the growing season, which is usually May through to June, that these hedges truly shine. The new growth unfolds as fiery red, commanding attention and adding a pop of colour in the landscape.

As screening troughs, these evergreen cultivars can help you create a striking visual display in your garden- overnight. This Photinia instant hedge screen is already clipped to a height of 1 metre. There are multiple plants in one hedging trough which is 80 centimetres wide. The compact size of this mature evergreen hedge makes it suitable for roof gardens and terraces, patios, and balconies.

Prunus Laurocerasus Genolia Hedging

This relatively recent evergreen cherry laurel hybrid quickly garnered attention among gardeners, owing to its leathery almond-scented foliage and distinct narrow columnar form. Undemanding and easy to grow and to care for, Cherry Laurel Genolia offers plenty of interest without asking much in return. In the spring, the shrub is enveloped with clusters of tiny white flowers that attract pollinators. The crimson berries that follow offer sustenance to wildlife.

Our Genolia Laurel instant screening troughs are between 1.6 and 1.8 metres tall.
Prunus Genolia instant hedging in troughs is low-maintenance but offers multiple seasons of interest.

Our Genolia Laurel instant screening troughs are between 1.6 and 1.8 metres tall. The 1-metre wide troughs hold 5 to 6 individual plants each, and all of them have been trained on a bamboo frame to maximise the screening effect.

Portuguese Laurel Hedging Screens

The fast-growing Portuguese Laurel is one of the most loved evergreen plants for hedging. These cultivars rapidly achieve impressive heights, they have highly-attractive dark green narrow leaves, and the pinkish stems provide a lovely contrast. In June, the shrub will produce masses of fragrant creamy flower spikes, followed by berries. The fruit is a favourite of songbirds.

The fast-growing Portuguese Laurel is one of the most loved evergreen plants for hedging.
The Portuguese screening troughs use bamboo frames for superior privacy and structure.

If you have a large garden or need an instant screening solution for maximum privacy, our Portuguese Laurel hedging screens might be the best option for you. The screen is 2.25 metres high and 1 metre wide. Each of the screening troughs has 5 or 6 plants grown together, trained against a bamboo screen.

Yew Hedging Screens

Native evergreen Yew is a favourite with good reason. The fully hardy English Yew offers multiple seasons of interest, and yet its slow growth rate makes it a truly low-maintenance plant. When you combine these qualities with the fact that Yew boasts lush evergreen foliage and decorative late summer berries, it is not a surprise that yew instant hedges have been bestsellers for years.

Yew hedging in throughs is a timeless classic.
Native English Yew instant hedge screen is a tried and true choice.

These specimens are grown as Yew instant hedges in troughs and they come in four different sizes. You can get our Yew hedging screens at 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.7m, and  1.8 metres in height. The width of the troughs is 1 metre, and each of them usually holds 5 to 6 individual plants which have been grown together for years. Already clipped and shaped, these instant hedges offer immediate visual impact and privacy.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides Star Of Toscana Selbra

The Yellow Star Jasmine is a highly prized flowering climber.  This evergreen plant produces masses of butter yellow blossoms that have a fabulous fragrance. The deep green foliage offers a perfect backdrop for the profusion of scented flowers and it can sometimes turn to bronze in the winter.

The Jasmine instant hedge screen comes trained against a frame.
The Yellow Star Jasmine hedging on a screening frame is a lovely choice for a patio or a roof terrace.

The Jasmine instant hedge screen comes trained against a frame 80 centimetres wide and 1.5 metres high. Ideal if you want some privacy on your patio- with the added benefit of stunning flowers that will perfume your summer nights!

Photinia Red Robin Frame

In addition to our sought-after Photinia hedging in troughs, we also offer Photinia Red Robin on screening frames. These living screens come in three heights- 2m, 2.5m, and 3 metres high- with a width that varies from 1 to 1.5 metre. Grown like this, Photinias need little lateral space, which makes them ideally suited for small gardens.

Photinia Red Robin screening troughs are compact.
Photinia Red Robin on screening frames do not need much space- but offer a lot of interest.

At Paramount Plants and Gardens, we specialise in mature trees and shrubs- especially evergreen cultivars for screening, fast growing, and instant hedges. If you need any help choosing what is best for your budget and garden both, make sure to contacts us – we are always happy to help!