Living Screens in the Garden
We all like to think of our gardens as a peaceful and beautiful haven for us to sit and enjoy nature. If, for whatever reason that is not your experience – we have the solution!
Almost all city and suburban gardens can do with a little more greening and if you have privacy issues in your space, then we have the right solution. Paramount Plants & Gardens has long specialised in trees and shrubs for evergreen screening, we have now introduced living screening trees into our collection.

Living Screening Trees for sale online, UK

Living Screening Trees | Laurus Nobilis, will attract pollinators into your garden. 


Bay Laurel Trees trained as living screens, buy online UK

Bay Laurel Trees trained as living screens – this size is 3.5 metres high (11 feet 5 inches) 


Living Screening – An Alternative to Conventional Hedging
These flat living screens have been cleverly trained to provide a beautiful green screen that takes up very little growing space. This is particularly useful in small urban gardens or where you simply don’t want to lose swathes of your garden to wide hedging. These versatile living screening trees can be grown in so many ways.

Pleached Hornbeam Living Screens for sale online, UK nationwide delivery

Pleached Hornbeam Living Screens Height: 2.6-2.7m (8ft 6-8ft 10)


Contemporary Garden Design
For a cool contemporary look, they can grown independently, creating a wall of green surrounding a seating area, or to divide areas of the garden (think of them as a room divider). If you really don’t want to be staring at that fence or the rather unsightly wall, our evergreen living screens are the perfect answer – trained to be green from the very base of the tree, the branches splay outwards in an espalier fashion on attractive bamboo frames. Planted next to each other, these trees will grow into each other creating a really dense wall of green and will cover the bamboo screen entirely.

Pleached Hornbeam Living Screening Trees, buy UK

Pleached Hornbeam Living Screening Trees


Living Screens – Tree Varieties
We use evergreen pleached Laurus Nobilis, Bay Trees and deciduous Carpinus Betulas, Hornbeam to create these living screens. Hornbeams although deciduous, usually keep their leaves throughout the winter giving a beautiful bronze colour to your screen, before being replaced by new leaves in the Spring. Photinia Red Robin frame trained – a stunning variety, new shoots emerge bright red and soften to a deep glossy bronze green, small white flowers are loved by pollinators.

Photinia Red Robin Living Screening, buy UK

Photinia Red Robin Living Screening

For above fence or wall screening – view our Clear Stem Tree collection

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