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Wooden Tree Stakes

Good quality tree stakes - use to protect your newly planted trees from damaging winds and weather.
Good quality tree stakes
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Plant shape: Set price for 2 stakes includes 2 x Free tree ties
Length: 1.8 Metres
Plant ID: 7786 B 74
Price: £16.00

SPECIAL SET PRICE OFFER - This pack contains two stakes plus two FREE flexible tree ties - everything you need to stake a tree!
Our quality Wooden Tree Stake Sets are ideal for purchasing with a new tree or sapling. Trees need support and protection when newly planted. We recommend that you install these tree stakes at the very same time as you plant your tree. Until trees are established with their roots gaining a firm grip in the soil they are at risk of being blown around by strong winds and inclement weather, which can result in a loosening of their roots. If you firmly stake your trees at the outset - they will grow with the full support of these tree stakes, which can be removed at a later date when the tree grows larger and is established.

Buying a new tree is an investment in both time and money - make sure your trees get the best start in their new surroundings by giving them the full support they need.
We also recommend that you use very flexible strong ties to fix the stake to the trunk of the tree. These flexible ties allow a certain amount of movement without damaging the bark.

We are supplying a complete set of two wooden stakes and two flexible ties for staking one tree - these convenient packs have everything you need to get your new tree off to a flying start.

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