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Flexible Tree Ties

Flexible Tree Ties, for staking young and newly planted trees. Buy UK
Flexible Tree Ties
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Length: 60 cm
Product Type: 1 Tree Tie
Plant ID: 7793 A 74
Price: £2.50
Buy 10 for £19.99

Flexible Tree Ties are the perfect solution for training and protecting your newly planted trees and saplings. Young trees need staking when they are first planted to give their roots and trunks the support they need until they become established. Using the best ties is very important - flexibility is essential, the ties will keep the tree supported when used with stakes but as the tree gets blown around by the wind, the ties must be flexible to allow the trunk to move without breaking or chafing the bark of the trunk. Flexible tree ties will also allow for growth without cutting into the bark as the trunk gets larger.
These ties are also sold via our website as part of a staking pack - two stakes and two ties, this pack is perfectly designed for staking a single tree..

Our flexible tree ties will come in handy for all kinds of tying and support jobs for both trees and shrubs. Our flexible ties are good value and very good quality - we use them ourselves so we know how good they are!

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