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Tree Ties - Flexible Tying Tube

PVC tying tube - for tying up young trees and staking shrubs and plants, very handy and will not damage the plant stem or trunk.
Tree Ties - Flexible tying tube
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Plant shape: Roll
Diameter: 0.3 cm
Length: 100 Metres
Plant ID: 7513 B 73
Price: £9.85
Buy 2 for £18.00

Tree Ties - Flexible Tying Tubing For Plants, Shrubs and Trees
Growing young trees always involves tying the saplings to a stake, to protect them and your choice of tying tubes or tree ties will have a big impact on your new tree’s growth and health throughout its formative years. The ideal tree ties need to be strong and durable enough to withstand the elements, and yet flexible and pliable enough to conform to a growing tree without damaging it. Paramount Plants & Gardens stock this high-quality green tubing precisely for those reasons - it has proven to be an indispensable accessory in our own tree nursery. 

This green PVC tubing is easily cut to size to form a tree tie with a 3mm diameter which makes them a good all-around choice, as they are large enough for all types of young trees. Being able to cut the tubing to size gives more flexibility of use - it can be used in all kinds of planting situations. The overall length of this roll of flexible tubing is 100 meters, so you will have plenty to go around your nursery and garden. You'll find as we do, that you'll want to have this tubing roll on hand at all times as it is handy for using around the house or garden. It is durable and practical as a plant tie or for using to tie up all manner of things.

Strong and flexible, our tubing tree ties will hold the saplings in place against a stake or other structures, but the smooth and soft texture of these PVC tree tubes also means that you won’t risk damaging the bark of the tree once you tie it down. As the tree grows, the tree ties will expand just enough for it to thrive unbothered but still keep it secure and growing where and how you want it to. 

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