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Darlac DP1036 Expert Drop Forged Pruner or Secateurs

Darlac DP1036 Expert Drop Forged Pruner. Heavy Duty Secateurs
Darlac DP1036 Expert Drop Forged Pruner
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Weight: 290 Gram

Product Type: Tough Heavy-Duty Secateurs

Plant ID: 8138 W 76

Price: £31.99

Darlac DP1036 Expert Drop Forged Pruner - a though, heavy-duty Secateurs
Darlac DP1036 Expert Drop Forged Pruner is one of the toughest and most ergonomic in the Darlac range with drop forged blades and drop forged adjustable handles.

The drop forged technique hammers hot metal into shape to create extra strength. The technique has made this pruner incredibly tough and able to cleanly cut stems up 2.5 cm thick with ease.

Darlac’s drop forged pruner measures 21.5 cm and weighs 290 g. The dual position catch allows adjustment to the handspan for comfort, and the bypass mechanism creates clean cuts on living wood.

This robust pruner is recommended for gardeners with tough pruning requirements or a large area to clear. Many  more useful garden tools on our plant accessories page.

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