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Pyracantha Saphyr Orange

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Pyracantha Saphyr Orange berry shrubs for sale online UK
Pyracantha Saphyr Orange. Buy Online London UK.
Pyracantha Saphyr with Orange Berries
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 6887 64
Price: £60.00
33% Discount £40.20
RHS Perfect for pollinators logo AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme by the RHS and are deemed:
         Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions/Available to buy/Of good constitution/Essentially stable in form & colour/Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Pyracantha Saphyr Orange
Pyracanthas are incredibly useful shrubs in the garden for screening and for providing food for wildlife. Pyracantha Saphyr Orange is a vigorous evergreen climbing shrub which has quite thorny branches and dark green glossy leaves. A great hedging shrub that has been trained on a trellis, endowed with small white flowers in spring which are formed in clusters on the branches, these are followed by bright orange berries in autumn. These lovely berries look really stunning against the glossy dark green leaves. They are adored by birds so this is a great plant for encouraging birds into your garden. Pyracantha Saphyr Orange is a beautiful shrub that gives an excellent colour in the garden during the winter.
Growing Tip: Prefers full sun or partial shade
Pyracantha Saphyr Orange will reach a max height of 3 to 4 metres with a max. spread of 3-4 metres. 

Pyracantha Saphyr Orange is hardy throughout all the UK. Saphyr Orange will keep its greenery all year round despite frosts, snows and winds. You can use this tough shrub in sheltered as well as exposed positions.
Pyracantha Saphyr Orange requires little care. It is a tough, hard-working and drought resistant shrub. When it’s used as hedging it makes an excellent cat and intruder defence with its thorny branches and dense habit. 
Maintain its size by cutting back excess in early to mid-summer and tie back any new shoots that emerge. Freestanding pyracantha can be cut back to a strong bud as this encourages bushy growth and keeps its shape tidy. If you prune back the lower branches of established pyracantha you will expose a wonderful old gnarled trunk. 
For the shiniest leaves and brightest berries mulch around the base in early spring with a well-rotted manure. Some gardeners like to grow a deciduous summer flower up their pyracantha, such as clematis, because it makes such a solid frame work. Easy to grow, it performs well in any well drained moist fertile soil.
If you are looking for an evergreen shrub with bright splashes of colour this is a good buy. Time pressed gardeners who want to encourage wildlife, as well as those who want to discourage trespassers, will find Pyracantha Saphyr Orange indispensable. It is endorsed by the RHS with the prestigious Award of Merit. 

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