Seasonal Gardening – Plan your garden for the seasons! With a little forward planning your garden can be in bloom and sweet-scented all year round. Read about the best plants for autumn colour – the Winged Spindle for example. Learn which plants flower in winter – such as Mahonia Winter Sun.
Find out which plants have spectacular berries, such as Pyracantha. Read on…

Have a greener Christmas with Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees – choice of varieties and lots of different sizes! Lovely Living Christmas Trees   Christmas trees are an essential part of seasonal celebrations. We have made a policy decision this year for environmental reasons, to only supply Living Christmas Trees! We think a tree should [...]

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Berberis Thunbergii Orange Rocket – another of our autumn heroes

Berberis Thunbergii Orange Rocket – another of our autumn heroes A new variety of the Japanese Barberry, Berberis Thunbergii Orange Rocket provides garden drama from spring right through to autumn, when it practically glows in a halo of burning ruby red! […]

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Awesome in autumn – the Compact Winged Spindle Tree

Everybody loves the different hues of autumn colour in our gardens and our landscapes. It’s like nature’s gift to us before the winter sets in. A particularly striking autumn plant is the Compact Winged Spindle Tree (Latin name Euonymus Alatus Compactus and also known as Burning Bush). And you can [...]

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