Sourcing frost-hardy Mediterranean trees and shrubs in all manner of sizes and maturities has long been a particular speciality at Paramount Plants. We work hard to ensure we always have a good selection of all types of olive plants. From smaller bushy olive shrubs which are ideal for hedging, right up to mature hardy Olive Trees up to a massive 4M in size.

Mature Olive Trees for Sale UK

Olive Trees for Sale – Ancient, Mature Olive Tree as a garden focal point

Very mature olive trees, with their ancient gnarled trunks, tend to be in high demand among British gardeners looking to populate newly landscaped gardens or newly designed terraces. These ancient evergreens instantly imbue a sense of maturity to any newly planted space. We have lots of different shapes and sizes of olive trees for sale – and many with great special offers as well, when you buy online! Take a look below at some highlights – full details when you click through to the website.

Smaller Olive Trees for Sale
When referring to smaller olive trees, we generally mean under 1.5 metres tall. We have two sizes of smaller Olive Trees (Olea Europea), both in an attractive  ¼ standard shape.
Olive Trees 80 cm – 90 cm tall
Olive Trees 1.25 M tall

Smaller Olive Trees for Sale UK

Olive Trees for Sale UK – under 1.5 Metres tall


Small yet mature olive topiary pom pom trees are sure to make an impression on patios or in smaller gardens, whether in pots or planted in the ground. A relatively new addition to our collection and quite rare in the UK.

Larger Olive Trees for Sale
Mature olive trees are ideal if you are creating a garden from scratch or you are seeking something that will make an instant impact. Our 2 metre tall Olive Trees are mature plants with thick, well developed trunks about 20 to 25 cm in diameter and an abundant head of evergreen foliage on top. This is our collection of unique specimen olive trees, between 20 and 100 years old or more.

Mature Olive Trees for Sale UK

Mature Olive Trees for Sale UK


Mature Olive Trees with a massive trunk measuring 80 to 100 cm across. These are truly impressive specimens and given their great age, very rare to find in this size in the UK.

Ancient Olive Trees over 2 metres tall for Sale UK

Ancient Olive Trees over 2 metres tall for Sale UK – Buy in our garden centre or online


Olive Trees for a touch of Tuscany…

The ever popular Olive Tree brings a touch of the Tuscan countryside to your garden. The feeling of being in the Mediterranean can be easily achieved. One terracotta planter and one Olive can do wonders for an empty corner of your patio or terrace or indeed your balcony.

Olive tree topiary and mature olive trees for sale at Paramount Plants

Topiary Olive Trees | Mature Olive Underplanted with Phormiums | 5 foot topiary Olive Tree

A splash of bright colour can be added with underplanting the Olive Tree with smaller architectural flowering shrubs or grasses.

Planting and Protecting Olive Trees
Olive trees are easy to maintain if you plant them in pots as you can keep the soil well-draining. I prefer John Innes type compost as it has a good mix of loam and drainage material and does not dry up in frost. Olives can be planted in the ground but do not like to be planted in heavy/boggy/wet soil so it would be recommended to either keep in a planter, create a raised bed or if it has to go in the ground dig away heavy clay soil (as much as possible) and create a well-draining planting area using layers of shingle, sand and soil. Bonemeal can be added for extra soil conditioning. See our blog Top Tips for Maintaining Your Garden for further advice re planting etc.

15 year old olive trees for sale, North London garden centre

15 year old Olive Trees for sale at Paramount Plants


If the winter weather is very cold,  this may mean that if you  buy a very young olive tree, you may need to protect from the worse of the winter frosts (bringing indoors or wrapping with fleece and hessian).  But upwards of 7-9 years of age the Olive (Olea Europea) Tree should be sufficiently aged to cope with even extreme weather conditions.

Olive Trees are graded by age according to the thickness of their trunk.
Younger olives around 7-9 years of age will have trunks of around 8-10cm girth whereas the 70 year old Olives will have a gnarled trunk with a girth of 100cm+. Olive trees also make very smart topiary as their heads can be neatly clipped.

Mature Olive Trees for sale - up to 100 year old trees available

Mature Olive Tree | Specimen Trees of up to 100 years old are for sale


How to Revive Olive Trees
I have been asked by a lot of customers recently how to bring back to life olive trees which have lost leaves in the extreme weather since last December. Any olive that has lost its foliage can be clipped back to where there are visible green stems. Liquid feed every other day from the end of April for 6-8 weeks and in good weather it will not take long before new shots or leaf buds start to emerge.

Remember Olive Trees need the sunniest, warmest and most sheltered position you can offer them on your garden.

Enjoy your olives – yes olives will be produced in the best sunniest/warmest/most sheltered gardens!!