Umbrella Pine Trees are those fabulous, mushroom shaped trees, that can be seen in the town and countryside of most Southern European countries – but most especially and beautifully planted by the Italians along lakesides and boulevards to give essential shade at the hottest time of the day. Anyone who has travelled to the Italian lakes in Northern Italy will have at some point sat on a bench beneath an Umbrella Pine tree and watched the world go by.

Umbrella Pine Trees will grow in UK gardens, buy online UK

Umbrella Pine Trees


These attractive trees produce cones with the hidden bonus of deliciously edible pine nuts, much sought after and highly prized. With their lush green foliage and dense canopy it’s surprising to many that these fabulous trees are perfectly hardy and will grow happily in the UK climate. Paramount has been selling Pinus Pinea for a number of years and this hardy tree is a beautiful variety to include in your woodland planting scheme – it is also a fabulous specimen tree and will, in maturity, grow to 5 metres high with a span of circa 3 metres.

These are fully mature Umbrella Pines planted at the lakeside in Northern Italy.

Umbrella Pines, Northern Italy

Umbrella Pines, Northern Italy

Pinus Pinea commonly known as the Umbrella Pine, buy online UK

Pinus Pinea commonly known as the Umbrella Pine

If you’re interested in creating a Mediterranean style garden – do come and speak to our team, Paramount Plants specialises in hardy palms, olive trees and fig trees, conifers and pines and many other Mediterranean plants that are fully hardy and will grow in the UK climate.
Umbrella Pine Trees for Sale at our Plant Centre in North London:

Stone Pine or Umbrella Pine Trees for sale UK

Stone Pine or Umbrella Pine Trees for sale at our plant centre in London

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