We’ve always been fans of Conifers at Paramount Plants – as part of our evergreen screening options and as instant hedging – they are right up there in our best sellers list. Over the past year we’ve travelled far and wide to source an amazing selection of new varieties to vastly increase our Conifer Collection for this season – view the entire selection here on the NEW! dedicated Conifer section of our website.

Dwarf Pine trees for sale online - UK delivery

Pinus Nigra Nana – Dwarf Pine

Conifers cover an incredibly wide range of trees including Cedars, Pines, and Yew, all conifers produce seed bearing cones – they actually occupy a huge amount of the Earth’s surface. They are very often the last trees you see when scaling mountains, many of these hardy specimens have evolved a shape especially designed to encourage heavy snow to fall off the branches without damaging them with its weight and as you would expect Conifers can survive the harshest of winters.

Dwarf Pine | Pinus Mugo Humpy Dwarf Pine to buy online UK

Dwarf Pine | Pinus Mugo Humpy Dwarf Pine

Dwarf Conifers
There are so many really exciting varieties available to grow in your garden – with a surprisingly diverse range of shapes, colours and sizes. The dwarf conifers have always been massively popular in smaller urban gardens and for rockeries but this new generation of varieties are exciting in their unusual colours and structure – giving an architectural element on a small scale to contemporary designs for chic city gardens and roof terraces.

Tuscan Cypress Trees
For lovers of Mediterranean style gardens the iconic symbol of a Tuscan landscape is Cupressus Sempervivens, also commonly known as Tuscan Cypress or Pencil Cypress – these punctuate the landscape across the Mediterranean – think of Van Gogh landscapes from San Remy. It’s a stunning tree to use as elegant hedging, as a specimen tree for vertical drama or standing sentry at either side of your entrance.

Cupressus Sempervirens |Tuscan Cypress Trees - special offers buy online UK

Cupressus Sempervirens |Tuscan Cypress Trees

Yew Trees
– is known as the king of hedging, the dense dark foliage reminiscent of mediaeval mazes and ancient churchyards has been re-invented by modern garden designers creating sharp, well defined geometric designs in understated, colour restricted schemes. One of the easiest trees to clip, it will generously allow you to create all kinds of topiary shapes – loved by birds for nesting and for its berries in winter. Yew can create a country garden feel when new Yew hedges are deliberately informally clipped – giving instant maturity to a new garden.

Yew trees for hedging, for sale online with UK delivery

Yew Hedging | Evergreen Screening Trees

Garden Bonsai Trees
One of the most exciting groups of new Conifer varieties to Paramount this year is the addition of our garden bonsai trees, these stunning trees have been shaped and trimmed into the most delightful and elegant topiary shapes. Juniper or Pinus are the most popular choice of tree for creating bonsai – the Japanese bonsai masters know that Pinus and Juniper varieties clip and train beautifully. For our Garden Bonsai varieties we have sourced an incredible collection of cloud trees created from different varieties, some are quite rare and are mature specimens.

Pinus Sylvestris Cloud Pom Pom Tree - very mature specimen tree buy online UK

Pinus Sylvestris Cloud Pom Pom Tree – very mature specimen tree

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