Dicksonia Antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian Tree Fern, is a beautiful, hardy slow growing tree fern, which grows well here in the UK. We have Dicksonia Antarctica now in stock in a range of sizes from as little as 30 cm up heights of over 3 metres!
Our Dicksonia Antarctica tree ferns are available to buy online in several sizes! If you purchase online, we can deliver nationwide.  For more information on available sizes see Ferns & Tree Ferns….

Tree Ferns Online

Buy Hardy tree ferns, Dicksonia Antarctica, in sizes Sizes from 30 cm to over 3 metres.


Hardy Tree Ferns Online

Hardy Tree Ferns Online – spectacular Tasmanian Tree Fern


Despite their exotic appearance, Tree Ferns do thrive in the UK climate. However they will benefit from some protection in winter. Follow the easy steps in our tree fern care blog – Protecting Tree Ferns in Winter.