One of our best selling and favourite plants here at Paramount Plants is the fabulously dramatic Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Fern. We have over eight different sizes to choose from – something for every budget!

Protecting Tree Ferns in Winter

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These elegant ferns with thick complementary dark brown trunks are incredible in a shade area below large trees. This particular variety of tree fern is very easy to grow in the UK climate. With just a few precautions coming up to winter months and there should be no problem in keeping these majestic ferns.

Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for sale UK - read about Protecting Tree Ferns in Winter

Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns for sale at Paramount Plants


One of the most common questions we get asked is how do we go about protecting Tree Ferns in Winter. Below we explain what do we do with our tree ferns over winter here at Paramount Plants & Gardens.

Tree ferns - read how to protect tree ferns in Winter

Protecting the crown of tree ferns with straw


We keep it simple here at Paramount Plants & Gardens – we take a handful of straw (buy a bale of hay or straw from a pet shop) and put a good handful of the straw into the centre of the Tree Fern. When you pack the straw protection layer inside the crown, be careful not to damage the new and delicate fronds or croziers.

How to Protect Tree Ferns in Winter

Read about Protecting Tree Ferns in Winter


Once the crown and croziers are fully covered – gently draw up all the fronds that have grown this year and tie them together with twine – the main object is to make sure the crown is nicely wrapped up when the frost and snow arrive.

In very harsh areas or particularly cold gardens you can also give extra protection by wrapping the tied up fronds and the trunk with gardening fleece to keep the cold weather at bay but this should only be necessary in very cold areas of the country.


In a few small steps, protect your tree fern in winter


By following these few simple instructions your Tree Ferns should be well protected for the cold months ahead – if you have any questions please contact us directly and we’ll try to help…

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