New Arrival at Paramount Plants – Tortured Willow Trees

The latest addition to our tree collection is the very sculptural Salix Babylonica Tortuosa, otherwise known as Tortured Willow. These are fast growing trees that have a columnar shape and eventually reach a medium size so are quite suitable for urban gardens.
Salix Babylonica Tortuosa var Pekinensis trees have many attributes of interest for gardeners. Their twisted bright green foliage, furry golden catkins in Spring and the contorted branches so beloved of florists and flower arrangers. These trees are striking throughout the year but the branches are particularly attractive during winter when sprinkled with snow.

Salix Babylonica Tortuosa – Tortured Willow

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Tortured Willow catkins in Spring – fast growing, medium sized tree. Twisted leaves and branches


Weeping Willows
If you are a Willow fan then you will also be interested in Salix Babylonica more commonly referred to the Weeping Willow due to their arched habit. These beautiful trees have been the subject of artworks particularly in Asian culture for millennia. The elegantly cascading branches and delicate leaves are an asset to any garden. Weeping Willow will grow to become a large tree but can easily be pruned to keep in shape. Easily manage their size by regular pruning in smaller gardens or when planted in a location where size management is important.


Weeping Willow - buy online UK

Weeping Willow – pruned to shape and size managed in this woodland garden setting

If you have questions about these or any of our other trees – do get in touch with our expert team who will happily advise you.

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