We have five fabulous varieties of New Zealand Flax plants in stock – these striking plants are classed as ornamental grasses and make a real architectural statement in your garden. Use them in the borders, in containers and they are stunning when used as part of a contemporary garden design. Let’s take a closer look at the varieties available.

New Zealand Flax

The original New Zealand Flax (Botanical Name is Phormium Tenax) is a tough, clump-forming grass that is frost-hardy and grows happily in the UK. Perfect for Coastal Areas.

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New Zealand Flax – Phormiums – this is a mature variety. As you can see they get quite large.

Phormium Tenax Purpurea

Purple coloured leaves of the New Zealand Flax Purpurea or Purple Phormium.  The stunning leaf colours of this variety of New Zealand Flax plant make it a perfect accent for the border. Plant with other purple or red leaved shrubs such as Berberis to create a colour scheme or use as an architectural contrast to your other planting. Grows happily in coastal or windy areas (link to our blog on plants for this environment).

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New Zealand Flax – Purple leaved Phormium – Great for Borders.

New Zealand Flax Variegated

Magnificent variegated variety of New Zealand Flax plant with striking lime green leaves with a distinctive yellow cream stripe. These beautiful variegated ornamental grasses will add height and architecture to your garden planting. Very easy to grow in the border or in a container. As they will grow in windy situations these are ideal plants for the Roof Terrace.

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New Zealand Flax Plants Variegated

New Zealand Flax‎ Platts Black
Phormium Platts Black has dramatic evergreen dark-purple almost black foliage and in warm summers, striking bright red flowers. A very exotic addition to the UK garden but it needs a sheltered rather than exposed spot ideally in the sun.

New Zealand Flax Yellow Wave
Phormium Yellow Wave or Flax Lily works very well in contemporary urban gardens. It has strikingly variegated leaves in really vibrant green and yellow & also in warm summers, striking dark red flower spikes. Awarded an AGM.

New Zealand Flax Tricolour
This variety of Phormium Tricolour has yellow & green stripped striped with a red margin.

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