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Phormium Platts Black

Phormium Platts Black, Buy Grasses Online UK
Phormium Platts Black, Evergreen Grasses
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Height Excluding Pot: 10-20cm (0ft 3-0ft 7)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 10066 91

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Phormium Platts Black also New Zealand Flax‎ Platts Black
Phormiums add a dramatic splash of colour as well as structure to any garden. They are very lush, spiky-looking plants with hard leathery leaves which are evergreen. What a statement plant when used to punctuate planting schemes!  Also Phormiums are a very popular plant used in hardy exotic planting schemes and will grow extremely well in coastal gardens. Phormium Platts Black grows well in full sun or part shade in fertile soil. The dimensions of the plant will reach about 1metre x 1 metre.
Phormium Platts Black is an exotic addition to the UK garden. Originating in New Zealand, hence its common name New Zealand Flax, this perennial will survive through most of the UK, except for inland valleys, high elevations, and northern regions. It will benefit from some winter protection to avoid damage to foliage and stem die-back.
Growing in a clump, Phormium Platts Black’s evergreen, leathery, sword-shaped leaves fall outward in a weeping form, and are a striking dark-purple to black colour. When the weather is hot enough in July and August, a tall spike of tubular bright red flowers will push up from the centre of the clump, followed by a seed head. However, the main value of New Zealand Flax is its dramatically coloured foliage.
Phormium Platts Black does not want to be moved once it is established, so choose your planting spot carefully. It will grow in an exposed or sheltered spot equally well, as long as there is plenty of sun. Being moderately tolerant of pollution, it is suitable for planting in city gardens. As New Zealand Flax is deer-resistant it will do well in a country garden as well. Dead or damaged leaves should be removed in early spring before new growth begins.
The landscaping possibilities for Phormium Platts Black are considerable! This small, hardy evergreen plant makes a great choice for container planting on a rooftop terrace or patio, or in a courtyard, where it will provide year-round interest. Its dramatic, dark leaves provide a stunning backdrop for plants with silver foliage or colourful blooms, either in a container or in a mixed border.
This dramatic, tough evergreen foliage plant will be a valuable year-round addition to your garden! 

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