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Fountain Topiary Tree - Ligustrum Jonandrum

Elegant fountain topiary shaped tree, trained from Ligustrum Jonandrum, part of our large collection of topiary shapes. Buy UK.
Elegant fountain topiary shaped tree

Fountain Topiary boasts a timeless and stylish design that will not go unnoticed, whether you choose this living green sculpture for a special occasion or as a permanent addition to your garden. To create this tree shaped into a water fountain, we trained Ligustrum Jonandrum against a wire frame over the course of many years. While the process of training Fountain Topiary was quite demanding and time-consuming, maintenance is virtually effortless. All this fountain shaped green sculpture needs is a trim twice a year; at the end of the summer and once again in the spring.

As the privet shrub used in the making of this stunning topiary is evergreen in most parts of the UK, it will stay green year-round. In areas with unusually low winter temperatures, some of the foliage might fall off, but only to grow back even more lush in the spring.

While the elegant design certainly plays a role, it is not the only thing that makes this topiary so versatile. Fountain Topiary is also quite compact and can be a fine addition to gardens of all sizes, including rooftop gardens, balconies, and patios. This ornate Ligustrum Jonandrum is just 65 centimetres high excluding the pot. We have lots more unique topiary trees available which you can order online - we offer UK delivery. See also our classic topiary collection including spirals, cones and globes.

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Height Excluding Pot: 65cm (2ft 1)

Plant shape: Fountain Shape

Pot size: 18 Litres

Plant ID: 5365 64

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