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Crataegus Monogyna - Common Hawthorn

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Common Hawthorn - red haws in autumn - buy online UK
Crataegus Monogyna or Common Hawthorn tree for sale as trees or hedging plants, buy online UK delivery
Crataegus Monogyna flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 3.5 Litres

Plant ID: 4148 80

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Crataegus Monogyna is known as the Common Hawthorn and is a common sight along the hedgerows in the UK. This beautiful tree has been part of the British landscape for millennia.
The May Tree's blanket of white blossom heralds the beginning of summer. In fact one of the best known names for this tree is the May Flower and the ship that set sail from the UK to America - The Mayflower was named after the Hawthorn tree.
The tree is robust and dense and is absolutley covered in white blooms in May - June, creating a wonderful sight in any garden as a specimen tree. The flowers are circa 10mm across with five pure white petals and numerous pinky red stamens. The flowers attract pollinators and the dense foliage is the perfect safe place for nesting birds. In Autumn the flowers are followed by haws - these are bright red in colour and similar to berries or hips - they are a very important source of food for many birds and are particularly loved by waxwings and thrushes. Foliage in Autumn turns a beautiful golden yellow contrasting with the bright red haws.
Growing Tip - Common Hawthorn is hardy and will grow on just about any soil, including chalky or clay soil. It is tolerant in exposed sites including the coast. 
Crataegus Monogyna is a natural hedging plant and is a must in mixed hedgerows or mixed ornamental hedges. With its dense habit and thorny branches this is a go-to hedging plant for resisting intruders, plant this attractive hedge around your property boundary for extra security. 

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