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Magnolia Black Tulip

Magnolia Black Tulip is one of the darkest purple-flowering magnolias.
Magnolia Black Tulip is one of the darkest purple-flowering magnolias
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Magnolia Black Tulip is one of the darkest purple-flowering magnolias. This vigorous, open-branched deciduous magnolia tree is ideal as a specimen tree in smaller gardens. In March to April, before the foliage unfolds, this upright ornamental tree is engulfed by gorgeous cup-shaped, tulip-like flowers. Adorning the bare branches, the flowers are produced in abundance, each of them 15 centimetres or more across. The luxurious deep burgundy colour of the blossoms is even darker than Magnolia Lilliflora Nigra.

In areas that do not see such hot summers, Magnolia Black Tulip might flower a second time around July. However, even after the flowering season ends, this highly-decorative tree has a lot to offer. The tulip-like flowers are followed by pale to deep green leaves, that remain on the tree until winter. Even then, when the tree is completely bare, the open-branched habit provides structural interest in the garden.

Height and Spread of Magnolia Black Tulip
Growing in an upright habit, this variety of magnolia tree can achieve a maximum height of up to 5 to 6 metres, with a spread of 2 to 3 metres.

How Hardy is Magnolia Black Tulip
Although this magnolia tree is fully hardy in the United Kingdom, it is not suitable for exposed and windy locations. Pick out a sheltered spot in the garden for Magnolia Black Tulip and it will certainly thrive.

How To Use Magnolia Black Tulip
Flaunting its deep purple, impressively large blossoms, Magnolia Black Tulip is ideally suited for the spotlight. The profusion of cup-shaped flowers is bound to attract attention wherever you decide to plant this cultivar! Use this attractive magnolia variety as a specimen tree, or as an addition to a mixed shrub border.

Additionally, you can underplant Magnolia Black Tulip with shade-tolerant shrubs that flower in summer for a floral display with multiple seasons of interest. Rhododendrons or azaleas would be well-suited for this role.

How To Care for Magnolia Black Tulip
This magnolia tree is remarkably tough and adaptable. Magnolia Black Tulip is easy to grow and to care for and will flourish in most conditions. It tolerates both partial shade and full sun, and a sheltered position. Grow in moist, well-drained, acidic soil for best performance.

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