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Weigela Florida Purpurea

Weigela Florida Purpurea. Weigela Foliis Purpureis Pink buy UK
Weigela Florida Purpurea. Weigela Foliis Purpureis Pink
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 6308 1

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Weigela Florida Purpurea, also known as Weigela Foliis Purpureis, is a compact shrub with rosy pink funnel-shaped flowers and purple foliage.  It suits a small garden that requires low maintenance plants. 
As a deciduous shrub Weigela Foliis Purpureis will die back each year only to spring back with an annual display of deep red buds in May which burst into dark pink trumpets throughout the summer. Its trumpet flowers are paler inside with white-yellow stamens that produce a highly attractive contrast.  Its leaves are tapering purple ovals that measure ten centimetres in length. Leaf colour deepens in intensity with greater sun exposure. 
Weigela Foliis Purpureis is a fairly small shrub reaching only half a metre to a metre in height. It will spread approximately one and a half metres without restrictions or tough pruning. 
Weigela Foliis Purpureis is a cheerful shrub that’s easy to grow and attractive to pollinators. The RHS have given it the Award of Garden Merit for its tough yet glorious appearance and wildlife friendly attributes. 

How Hardy Is Weigela Florida Purpurea?
Weigela Foliis Purpureis is hardy in all of the UK. It’s a tough plant that can withstand most conditions and soil types. 

How To Use Weigela Florida Purpurea
Weigela Foliis Purpureis is best situated in full sun for the brightest colour display, but it is adaptable and will grow in shady conditions too. 
Weigela provides strong structure and colour at the back of a low-growing flower border or against a fence. They also make lively under-planting for larger shrubs and trees. 
Weigela Foliis Purpureis grows well in large containers as a standalone specimen if you can provide water and food in the summer months.

How To Care for Weigela Florida Purpurea
Weigela Foliis Purpureis is very easy to care for and requires little maintenance.  Any soil type or PH is suitable.  
Weigela does require some pruning to maintain its shape and promote good flower growth, but it is important to do this immediately after flowering. Weigela blooms on last year’s wood, so it needs time to produce new stems over the late summer. Weigela that doesn’t flower is likely to have been pruned in spring. If you cut back stems by a third and remove any dead, diseased or crossed stems when the flowers have died Weigela Florida Purpurea will regenerate and bloom every year.

Weigela has made a comeback in recent years. They are prized by gardeners as low maintenance, heavy-flowering attractive shrubs that fill a garden with colour and structure. Weigela is a good choice for busy people who appreciate a flower-filled garden.

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