Our Top Choices For Blue Flowering Perennials

The colour blue is a relative rarity in horticulture. Its complementary colour combination with greens, plus elegant contrast with whites make blue flowering perennials one of the most popular choices for a single or dual colour palette for garden designers. There is something about the connection with the blue sky and the surrounding myriad of greens in foliage that make blue flowers coveted, sought after and desired.

From the palest sky blues , through French Navy and shades of purple blue. This most regal of colours is one of our most popular requests by customers choosing perennials for the garden border. Here we reveal a few of our own favourites, as a source of inspiration, for choosing blue flowering perennials for your own garden…

Agapanthus – African Lily

Agapanthus Africanus Blue and Agapanthus Blue Storm
These African lilies are real sun lovers and very elegant when planted en masse in the border. They will also thrive in pots, their lofty flower heads tower above lush mounds of green foliage.

Blue Flowering Agapanthus, for sale online UK

Blue Flowering Agapanthus – tall flower spikes, loves to be grown in full sun.


Agapanthus Blue Storm Blue Flowering Perennials to buy online UK

Left – Blue and White Agapanthus Lilies | Right – Agapanthus Blue Storm Flowering

Perovski Blue Spire – Russian Sage

Another sun lover, this beautiful Central Asian plant does very well in windy coastal areas and is a pollinator magnet. The hazy cloud of blue flowers will appear in mid to late summer a lovely contrast to the grey-green foliage. Perovski Blue Spire – Russian Sage is related to Sage and is very low maintenance, they just need a quick prune very early in the season, as the new leaves start to appear.
Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit – a great plant for growing in UK gardens.

Perovski Blue Spire - Russian Sage, Blue Flowering Perennials to buy online UK

Perovski Blue Spire – Russian Sage, Blue Flowering Perennials

Lavender Angustifolia

Although considered to be a Mediterranean plant, there is something quintessentially English about blue flowering Lavender Angustifolia with its beautiful, fragrant flower spikes that will bring pollinators a plenty into your garden. The grey-blue leaves are drought resistant, if you are concerned about water conservation this is a good plant to choose.

Blue Flowering Lavender - attracts pollinators, buy online UK

Blue Flowering Lavender – attracts pollinators, adored by bees!

Garden Designer Gertrude Jekyll was renowned for using particular colour palettes in her garden designs – visit her estate website for more information on her gardening philosophy.
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