We have written lots about the best flowering trees and shrubs. So, you will find this archive has well over 50 articles on a range of topics to do with flowering plants. Discover Tamarix, an ancient heritage flowering shrub. Learn which varieties of Butterfly Bush are best for you. Philadelphus Mock Orange – which one to choose? Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon Varieties – flowering August to October. Find blue-flowering perennials and yellow magnolias.

We also cover some fascinating plant history – learn how camellias first came to Britain. Discover the adventurous Plant Hunters of the 1800s and lots more.

Philadelphus Mock Orange – which one to choose?

The genus Philadelphus is comprised of about 65 plants. The native habitat of Philadelphus Mock Orange stretches across North America, parts of Europe, Northern Asia, and Japan. The plant’s historic nostalgia has been forever written into the lore of the American West by the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition. The [...]

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Blue Flowering Perennials

Our Top Choices For Blue Flowering Perennials The colour blue is a relative rarity in horticulture. Its complementary colour combination with greens, plus elegant contrast with whites make blue flowering perennials one of the most popular choices for a single or dual colour palette for garden designers. There is something about the [...]

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Yellow Magnolias For The UK Climate

Yellow Magnolias Blooming in May Whilst we all look forward to the beautiful buds and flowers of Magnolias in early Spring, delighting us with every shade of pink to the palest hues and white, there is something rather surprising when the first yellow Magnolia flowers emerge later in the season. [...]

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