Yellow Magnolias Blooming in May
Whilst we all look forward to the beautiful buds and flowers of Magnolias in early Spring, delighting us with every shade of pink to the palest hues and white, there is something rather surprising when the first yellow Magnolia flowers emerge later in the season.

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Yellow Flowering Magnolias – Magnolia Yellow Bird flowering in April/May in the UK


Developing a truly yellow Magnolia has been something of a grail quest in the horticultural world. One of the first really successful yellow cultivars is Yellow Butterflies, remaining one of the most popular ornamental trees, developing a tall pyramidal shape. A later flowering Magnolia, the blooms appear in profusion during May and are a deep buttery yellow, the signature ‘tulip’ shape flower reaches 10-20cm.
Magnolia Butterflies is relatively slow growing and will attain a height of 5-7 metres at maturity, preferring a sunny or partial shaded site that is sheltered from cold winds. A lawn or woodland edge setting is perfect and this is also a beautiful specimen tree for urban gardens.


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Yellow Magnolia Butterflies Flowering in May in the UK


Magnolia X Brooklynensis Yellow Bird was bred by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden back in the ’60’s A stunning cultivar with sunny buds and blooms that emerge with a hint of green at the base of the tepals. The beautiful buds and the lush green foliage appear in late April/early May. The buds are circa 10cm, upright and the sunniest yellow. The flowers retain their deep yellow hue throughout the flowering period which can last up to 3 weeks, the blooms have a very delicate lemony scent. Magnolia Yellow Bird prefers to grow in sun or partial shade in a sheltered position (away from cold winds), producing a good show of flowers on a relatively young tree it will eventually reach a height at maturity of circa 12 metres.


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Yellow Magnolias – Yellow Bird


Magnolia Sunsation bred in Carolina USA
When Sunsation was introduced it quickly achieved star status,  this beautiful late flowering cultivar has become one of our most popular Magnolias. The striking yellow flowers are beautifully tinged with magenta at the base and with a hint of a stripe along the tepal. The tree has open branches and prefers a sunny or partial shaded spot in a sheltered location. It will eventually reach 5 meters and the blooms are an impressive 20cm wide – stylish and elegant this Magnolia will add a certain cachet to your garden.


Magnolia Sunsation - Yellow Flowering Magnolia buy UK

Magnolia Sunsation – Yellow Flowering Magnolia

Magnolia Solar Flair
Another stunning cultivar produced by August Kehr at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Solar Flair will eventually reach 4 meters and prefers to be located in a sheltered, sunny or partial shaded position in well drained neutral – acidic soil. The fabulous blooms are circa 10-20cm across,cup-shaped flowers which emerge an soft greenish yellow, these develop into lemon yellow with a flush of rose pink as the blooms mature. Magnolia Solar Flair is quite hardy and will withstand -15 degrees but will suffer in cold windy sites which are to be avoided.
This shrub is rare to find at larger sizes and here at Paramount we stock well developed bushes of 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7).


Magnolia Solar Flair Flowering and Shrub Actual Size buy online UK

Magnolia Solar Flair Flowering and Shrub Actual Size


These yellow Magnolias are unusual and in some cases rare to find as larger specimens, they will develop into beautiful ornamental trees that reward with a stunning display each Springtime. Definitely worth considering if you’re searching for something different…
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Yellow Flowering Magnolias make beautiful specimen trees, buy online UK

Ornamental Yellow Flowering Magnolias make beautiful specimen trees


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