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Magnolia Solar Flair

Magnolia Solar Flair
Magnolia Solar Flair tree.
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Magnolia Solar Flair.
A deciduous tree, Magnolia Solar Flair produces an abundance of large, charmingly bright yellow flowers each spring. Solar Flair produces an interesting yellow flower that starts out a charming apple green then fades to a creamy light yellow with a pink base as the petals unfurl. Each flower measures 10 to 13 centimeters across. The flowers appear on leafless branches so they make a bold statement on the tree that instantly grabs any onlookers attention. Unlike other magnolia trees, Magnolia Solar Flair tree is a late flowering variety and produces blossoms later in the season reducing the risk of frost damaging the flower buds. An interesting flower texture adds to its charm. 

Magnolia Solar Flair grows in a neat pyramid-like fashion to a height of 6 meters and a canopy width of 6 meters when mature. A hybrid, the Solar Flair magnolia is a cross between Magnolia x Brooklynensis ‘Woodsman’ and the Magnolia Goldstar. Its compact growth habit make it an exceptional specimen tree that will quickly become the focal point of anyone’s garden. 

Plant Magnolia Solar Flair in a sunny or semi-shaded site in fertile and well draining soil that is neutral to acidic. Choose a location that is somewhat shielded from cold winds which may dry out the tree’s buds or flowers or harm it if exposed for an extended time period. The planting location should be high in organic matter and soil retentive. The Solar Flair magnolia is highly adaptable to clay, loam, or sandy soil conditions. It does not like waterlogged areas where its roots are frequently saturated with excessive moisture for extended periods of time. 

The Solar Flair Magnolia tolerates pruning well. Prune and shape the tree when it is in full leaf during mid-summer.

In areas with cold winters, plant the dormant Solar Flair Magnolia in the late fall or early winter in warm climates. In places that suffer from cold winters, plant the tree during the early spring months before it starts producing flowers. After planting, keep the root system evenly moist but not waterlogged for the first six months. Once established the magnolia tolerates drought well. 

Magnolia Solar Flair tree adds a bit of sunshine each spring to any garden with its bright yellow blossoms. Once established, it requires very little care to thrive year after year. 


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