If you are looking for showy climbing plants that can be left to their own devices or easily trained against garden structures, there is no better choice than rambling or climbing roses.

Whether you choose rambling or climbing roses, you can count on it to be ideal for training.

When trained against an archway, rambling roses look particularly striking.


Although the two might look similar at the first glance, there are various differences between the breathtakingly pretty varieties. Depending on the maintenance level you are willing to commit to, as well as your preferences when it comes to types of blooms and their season of flowering, the choice between rambling or climbing roses can make a world of difference for a gardener.

What Makes Rambling and Climbing Roses Different?

The main characteristic that sets these two rose species apart is their bloom which differ in terns of the size of the blossoms and the length of the flowering season. Rambling roses produce a profusion of small, charming roses that smother the stems. Sometimes, one stem alone can hold up to 20 flowers. The masses of the petite roses will last for several weeks. They will appear in late spring to early summer, usually in June.

When it comes to climbing roses, the flowering situation is a complete opposite. These lovely climbers produce showy, large roses but in more modest quantities. The luxurious-looking blossoms are also repeated, throughout summer and autumn. However, there are exceptions to the rule: climber varieties Rosa banksiae Lutea and the Rose Snow Princess will produce smaller flowers borne in abundant clusters.


rambling or climbing roses

On the left, Rosa Banksiae Rosea rambling rose, and on the right Rosa Banksiae Alba, a lovely climber variety.


Since rambling roses flower on previous year’s growth and the climbing roses flower on the new growth, the pruning procedure will also be different for these two rose species. Ramblers generally need much less care and pruning, and they will not mind being neglected. whereas climbers require annual pruning to stay in top shape. Ramblers are best pruned in late summer, and climbers in late autumn or winter.

Additionally, as rambling roses flower only once a year, they will not need deadheading. In fact, many of the rambler varieties produce a crop of hips once their flowering season ends, offering interest well into the winter season, with the pretty reddish fruit standing out in the bleak landscape.

Both species are easy to train and can be grown against arches, arbors, pergolas, fences, trellis, or walls. However, the slightly larger size of the Ramblers (some varieties can reach up to 6 metres in height), as well as their vigorous growth habit, make them more suited for larger gardens. On the other hand, the tempered growth habit and a maximum size of no more than 3.5 metres in height with a 1-metre spread ensure climbing roses do well in gardens with less space.

Having in mind these differences, it is clear that making the right choice between these varieties is crucial. Which one should you choose for your garden: rambling or climbing rose? All things considered, it seems that it is hard to go wrong with either of the species!

Rambling or Climbing Roses: Picking Out the Best Varieties

Depending on your preferences, gardening skills, as well as the size of your garden, you might find that some rose varieties suit your needs much better than others. Whether you end up choosing rambling or climbing rose, here are some of the cultivars that will enhance the landscape with their beautiful appearance – and all of them are fully hardy in the United Kingdom.

Rambling Rose Varieties

Rosa Rambling Rector

This variety is one of the most popular ramblers in the UK. The profusion of its semi-double white roses will leave you speechless!

Rosa Pauls Himalayan Musk Rambler

The pale pink blossoms have a rich, pleasant fragrance, which is one of the reasons why this cultivar remains highly sought-after ever since its introduction in the 19th century.

Rosa Veilchenblau Rambling Rose

You would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful variety than the violet rambler, which boasts majestic purple-mauve petals in June.

Rosa Crimson Shower

This UK-native cultivar is ideally suited for draping pergolas, as its deep pink roses create a cozy, romantic environment that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Rosa Banksiae Rosea

Unlike its close relatives, this pink rambler has a bushier habit and can be shaped as a shrub – ideal if you don’t want to train your rose.


Rambling rose alba is cherished for its masses of pretty white roses.

The Rosa Banksiae Alba rambler will bring grace and elegance to any landscape.


Rosa Bobbie James

The creamy white roses borne in sprays will be the centre of the attention in your garden, even among more colourful varieties.

Rosa American Pillar Rambling Rose

While these lovely pink roses have no scent, they produce showy hips that will offer interest after the flowering season passes.

Climbing Rose Varieties

Rosa Golden Gate

A new variety of climbing rose, this gorgeous yellow-blooming cultivar has already become quite loved by gardeners- it is disease resistant, hardy, and stunning!

Florentina Rose

You simply cannot beat the timeless beauty of the crimson red rose! The brilliant red double blooms will flower repeatedly, making your garden the loveliest in the neighborhood even at the beginning of the autumn.

Rosa Aloha Climbing Rose

This is one of the most coveted climbers and with good reason. Its blush pink, repeating blooms will remain on the stems well into November.

Rosa New Dawn

A sport of the Wichurana climbing rose, this cultivar features elegant pale pink flowers and a long history as one of the most beloved climber varieties in the country.

Rosa New Dawn climbing rose has a prolonged flowering season, one of the many reasons it is very popular.

Rosa New Dawn boasts pale blush pink flowers that have a prolonged season.

Rosa Rosanna

The double, salmon-pink blossoms of this climbing rose leave no one indifferent. Add that to the fact that this cultivar is also very hardy and resilient, and it is no wonder that Rosanna is one of the most popular varieties.

Rosa Banksiae Alba

If the graceful and elegant appearance of white climbing roses appeals to you, you will love this variety. Its fragrant and profuse blossoms will adorn your garden throughout summer and autumn.

Whether you opt for rambling or climbing roses, we at Paramount Plants have what you need. You can browse our  our cultivars online – we offer nationwide delivery for all of our plants! If you need any advice or information about rambling or climbing rose for your garden, drop us an email.

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