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Florentina Rose

Florentina Rose. Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina buy online with UK delivery
Florentina Rose. Kordes or Climbing Rose Florentina
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Bare Root

Plant ID: 8593 38

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Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina or Florentina Rose is a beautiful new rose cultivar which will bring a long season of brilliant red double blooms to your garden! This award-winning climbing rose combines disease resistance and hardiness with stunning blooms, making it the perfect rose for any garden!
First introduced in 2011, Florentina Rose has luxuriant, fully double flowers up to 9 cm across, in an intense red which will light up your garden, starting in June. The glossy green leaves provide an attractive backdrop for the moderately fragrant crimson flowers with contrasting yellow stamens. Blooms can last up to two weeks before fading. Repeat blooming will keep the plant producing flowers until the end of September.
Hardy throughout the UK, Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina will climb to a height of 3 metres and spread of 2 metres within a few years. If planting more than one, space 1.2 metres apart. Like all roses, Florentina Rose will benefit from regular pruning to maintain healthy, vigorous growth and blooming, but that job is made easier as it is not as thorny as some other rose varieties. The soft canes are very easy to train.  
Florentina Rose should be planted in full sun in well-drained fertile soil. It will tolerate a windy location as the blooms hold their shape in the wind.  It is resistant to mildew and black spot, making it a carefree choice for your garden. 
This climbing rose can fit in to a variety of gardens, large or small, city or country! You don’t even need a garden, as Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina is well-suited to container planting, and the long blooming season will make it a star performer in the limited space of a balcony, roof terrace, or city patio. Trained onto a free-standing obelisk, or up a trellis or wall, its flowers will delight throughout the summer and into the autumn. In a courtyard, it will provide excellent colour and interest when trained across a wall where it will receive full sun for much of the day.
In a larger garden, Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina will happily adapt to being trained along a fence, or up a trellis or post, giving both architectural interest and prolific blooms for your garden. It will fit in equally well in a formal city garden or in a country cottage garden.
Kordes Climbing Rose Florentina is a stunning new rose cultivar which will bring bright red, disease-free repeat blooms to your garden. It’s an excellent choice for all UK gardeners who want beautiful roses with little maintenance! 

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