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Rosa Veilchenblau Rambling Rose

Rosa Veilchenblau Rambling Rose, beautiful rambler with fabulous perfume and purple violet flowers, RHS AGM, a spectacular variety, buy UK.
Rosa Veilchenblau Rambling Rose flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.5-1.75m (4ft 11-5ft 8)

Plant shape: 1 Cane
Pot size: 35 Litres
Plant ID: 3558 2
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Rosa Veilchenblau is a stunning vigorous Rambling Rose with purple-violet flowers, and is often referred to as the Violet Rambler. This beautiful climber holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit and comes highly recommended. 

Rose Veilchenblau boasts deciduous glossy foliage with a mid-green tone and almost thornless stems. It blooms in mid-summer with one magnificent flush of tightly packed large-cupped flowers. The flowers are a glorious mix of purple-mauve petals with a white centre and warm yellow stamens. The semi-double petals measure 2.5 cm in width. This is a beautiful rose and one for those of you who love colour. Blooms turn a darker mauve to greyish lilac as they age, sometimes appearing blue before they fall. The fragrance is light, fresh and fruity, and the colourful scented flowers of Rose Veilchenblau are popular with pollinators. Wildlife enjoy the red hips that follow in late summer. 

How Hardy Is Rosa Veilchenblau
This is a hardy Rambling Rose with plenty of strength that can withstand subzero winters and dry summers. 

How To Use Rosa Veilchenblau
Rose Veilchenblau is a climber, so it is best used to scramble up a wall, pillar, fence line or tree. It spreads over 2.5 metres and grows to heights of 4 metres plus, so not quite as tall as some other ramblers, such as Paul’s Himalayan Musk, although older untouched specimens can reach many metres in height. This makes it a better choice for more compact spaces, and because it is practically thornless it is a good choice for gardeners with children or pets. Teamed with white flowering clematis, or a climbing rose with several flushes of pale colour such as Climbing Rose Snow Princess, Rosa Veilchenblau is a summer garden staple. 

How To Care for Rosa Veilchenblau
Rosa Veilchenblau is tolerant of most growing conditions including poor soil, shade and a northerly aspect. It does prefer full sun and a moist well drained soil, but can thrive in most gardens.
Mulch this Rambling Rose well in early spring with rotted manure, and tie back the stems in the direction you want them to grow. It does not require pruning, but you can restrict its spread after the flower display. If you prune, be aware ramblers flower on old wood.

Rosa Veilchenblau is a reliable choice with strong vigorous growth and stunning colourful flower display. If you are looking to quickly cover an unsightly area with glossy green and a flush of rich purple tones this is the Rambling Rose for you. 

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