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Rosa Aloha Climbing Rose

Rosa Aloha Kordes Climbing Rose, beautifully scented flowers, vigorous climber, buy online with UK delivery
Rosa Aloha Kordes Climbing Rose
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: Climber on 3 bamboo canes

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 7600 2

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Rosa Aloha is a beautiful climbing rose that’s been given the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for its attributes. You may know it as Aloha Climbing Rose or Climbing Rose Aloha, or simply noticed it as a gorgeous pink climbing rose that is smothered in blooms all summer. 
In spring you’ll see vigorous stem growth as this German climbing Kordes rose stretches to reach its maximum four metre height. This will happen within two to five years given fertile conditions. Climbing Rose Aloha’s habit is upright although it will spread to cover 1.5-2 metres as well.
Buds appear in late spring, bursting into large double pink blooms in early summer. Blooms often measure nine centimetres across and have salmon pink centres. These sweetly scented blooms attract all manner of pollinators including ladybirds, butterflies and bees. Unlike some other climbers, Rosa Aloha blooms last until the chilly autumn days arrive in November. Foliage is a dark glossy green forming dense leathery growth that easily covers an unsightly shed, pergola, pillar or fence. 

How Hardy Is Rosa Aloha?
Despite its delicate appearance Rosa Aloha is very hardy, surviving harsh winters as long as its roots are kept from waterlogged conditions. 

How To Use Rosa Aloha
Its best used to scramble up a fence or wall, but you can also prune and train Rosa Aloha to grow up a small trellis or a free-standing obelisk. It looks good as a back drop to a rose garden or flower border.
Aloha Climbing Roses pair well with clematis. It’s sturdy stem-frame providing the clematis with a natural trellis to clamber up. Water well and feed regularly to ensure both rose and clematis blooms are at their best. 
A Rose Aloha cuts well for vase displays and thrives in a container if you are able to feed and water it regularly.

How To Care For Rosa Aloha
Like most roses the Climbing Rose Aloha needs full sun to look its best and create healthy foliage. It will grow in all soils of any Ph and is tolerant of the poorer soils. Mulch your Aloha rose well in early spring, digging well-rotted manure around its roots for the healthiest plant. 
Prune Climbing Rose Aloha between December and February, cutting out any old, dead or crossed branches. Tie in new growth or cut it back to maintain a structure.  You will need to provide support and tie branches to a framework as Aloha is not self-supporting.

Rosa Aloha is one of the best climbing roses you can buy. Its fragrance is strong, and its flowers are long-lasting and profuse. Once it is established Rose Aloha will provide year after year of pleasure in your flower garden. 

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