Why you should consider planting Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs in your garden…
Attractive evergreen and easy to grow Skimmia’s are stalwarts when it comes to providing interest in the Autumn and Winter when you need it most.

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Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs: Bright Red Winter Berries of Skimmia Obsession

Summer displays of glossy leathery leaves give way to very attractive brightly coloured flower buds in Autumn followed by fabulous bright berries on the females which last the whole winter.

Good to Know – Only Female Varieties produce Berries
Generally, only the female varieties of Skimmia go on to produce the striking berries after flowering that brighten up the winter months. For this, they require the nearby presence of a male Skimmia variety.

Female Skimmia Varieties:
Female varieties include Skimmia Japonica Pabella with a lovely compact habit & red berries. Another beauty is Skimmia Kew White, a female variety producing creamy white berries in autumn / winter after pollination with a male. Skimmia Japonica Obsession, one of our best-selling shrubs here at Paramount Plants particularly around Christmas time, produces bright red berries in abundance.

Male Skimmia Varieties:
Pair any of the above females with male variety Skimmia Kew Green (AGM) to ensure a profusion of berries in winter. Skimmia Japonica Rubella is another  male variety, widely acknowledged an excellent pollinator. Skimmia Japonica Godrie’s Dwarf Green is a male variety with showy pink flower buds.

Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs - skimmia rubella

Bright flower buds of Skimmia Rubella in Autumn

Skimmias prefer an acid soil so when planting make sure you add some ericaceous soil at the bottom of the hole before inserting the plant and if you’re planting in a container use ericaceous soil entirely. Prune to shape after the flowers and berries are gone.
These stunning shrubs will also grow well in coastal and windy areas.

All varieties of Skimmia grow best in semi-shade although they will tolerate the sun. They also perform well as container shrubs and can be underplanted.

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Elegant – Skimmia Kew Green – Award of Garden Merit by the RHS

Gift Ideas:
Any of the female varieties of Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs make a lovely gift especially at Christmas time when these little shrubs are covered in bright berries.
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